Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

After nearly a 4 week absence (!), I'm back!

My blog address
I have only just realised that when I access my blog directly, it ends with! Ahhhh! It kinda makes me feel like a bit of a traitor!

In the next few weeks I will be booking my tickets for a months holiday back in New Zealand! It would've been nearly 2.5 years since I was back home by the time I go! I feel pretty excited about it; my bank account on the other hand isn't too happy about the £1200+ transaction that's going to happen!

The beach
I'm in dire need of getting away, particularly to a beach with sun. I don't know if it's because I've just had my first lot of school holidays in nearly 2 years where I haven't gone away or if it's the first-week-back-at-work-blues, but I'm totes craving some sun, sea and sand!

Kapas Island, Malaysia. I spent a lovely 2 weeks here in August 2012.
I've finally upgraded from my tiny wee HP netbook after two and a bit years with it. It's such a treat to be using a proper for real life laptop! The screen is sooooo much bigger! There's a number keypad, and all the keys are UK formatted, so there's no random pressing of keys to find the pound symbol or  the hash key! I can liken this experience to getting to sit in the 'expensive' comfy seats at the cinemas, that as a 'youngin' were always to expensive for our pocket money allocation! I'm not sure why, but it's such a treat!

My new babe! A Lenovo G580. And it's blue too!

I've discovered a pretty choice park (Note: I nearly went a whole blog post without using the word choice.. dang!) not too far from my house. It is up one of London's only hills, and since moving from Wellington I'm a bit out of practise with the whole 'hill situation', so I was stoked with what I found!

The hipster comes out
I'm loving this choice, amazeballs score from eBay for £1!!!! It's pretty fun, pretty comfy, and pretty darn choice! Not to mention it being a H & M limited edition Tea Collection dress! BOOM!

Excuse the bed hair and no makeup! It was the holidays!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Back!

After moving house, having no internet, getting internet then having my laptop break, I am FINALLY back in business!
Here's some loving I've had over the last month!
Double Decker Buses
There's something about getting to sit on the top, at the front, on a double decker bus! Secretly taking a photo and tagging it on Instagram with #topdeckshoes is even more fun!
I needed glasses when I was 13 and was told that I'd only need them for about 6 months to strengthen a lazy eye. Low and behold, nearly 10 years later I still need them. Loving my pink ones that were FREE off the internet!
Moving house
Our new house is simply amazing. It's got such a great homely feel to it, not to mention it's soooo warm! What's even better, is that I can walk to work in 40 minutes, or choose the quicker option of cycling on my beautiful bike in 10 minutes! That'll be 4.4 miles of exercise each day thank you very much!
HP BBQ Sauce
I'm not big on condiments, and have a strong desire to dislike tomato sauce, whether it be in baked beans or straight from a bottle. Since being in London, HP sauce has hit the spot. What hits the spot even more is HP BBQ sauce. Oh, it's so smoky and flavoursome. Lather it on and your taste buds will have a great party!
This was the beginnings of a mouth watering fish finger sandwich. I can sense noses turning up here, I did too at the thought of it, but it quickly became a regular Sunday night treat!
Bike rides
During half term I went for a marathon bike ride with my cousin around North London. This is the view from Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath. Smack bang in the middle, right at the back, is the Shard and to the left of that is the Gherkin!
Stay tuned for Things I'm Loving on Friday!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Repost - The Sky

One of my favourite posts, due to the beauty of the images. 

Wrap your colours around my body,

Your palatte is delicious.

Seeping your way into my senses

And triggering them off in an erratic yet comforting fashion.

My eyes feast on your pinks and oranges.

My emotions feast on your beauty.

The beauty that is different,

Each morning or night.

Grab Meghan's button and love where you live!

All photos have been taken by me and no one is to steal them!