Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Nanna.

My gorgeous Nanna. I am so glad I have grown up with you in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better Nanna! I love our special bond that we had; calling each other up and instead of saying "It's Nikki" or "it's Nanna" it'd be "it's your favourite".

I love our weeks that we would spend with you during the school holidays growing up. We would indulge in some fun craft activities, or you would happily take us out for morning tea and be so proud of us, as your grandchildren. We'd go and visit your friends like Lil, that old lady Jessie who always got out a box of blocks for us to play with even though we were too old, your friend Gaye who'd take us in her car to places and your 'Young Friend Kim'.

I always loved how if we were lucky enough to do the supermarket shopping with you, you'd walk down the isles of New World Khandallah, saying hello to the people who worked there, who'd answer "Hello Mrs Barr". How cool was it that the people knew your name.

I loved it when you'd take us on the train into Johnsonville or even the city and Alice and I would squeal in delight as the train would go through the tunnels. You'd always tell us we were being a 'bit too noisy' but I think, secretly you wanted to join in.

I loved the time where me and Alice told you that we were going to be cats for the day. We lapped up milk and water that you had set out for us in a bowl, and tried to lap up rice bubbles but you coaxed us into using a spoon when they kept sticking to our lips and tongue.

I love how you would wear Red Door perfume and that smell will forever remind me of you.
I love how you would wear your 'inside out jersey' when we came around.
I love how you would only wiggle your ears on my demand; no one else's Nanna could.
I love your infectious chuckle that could put a smile on anyone's face.
I love how you'd sit through our 'concerts' that the 3 of us would put on, rehearsing before and after dinner, using your sun seat as our backstage.
I love how you made my Blue Rabbit a jacket and hat to make him 'look nicer'.

You have been such a delight in my life. I was sooo lucky to not only have you but three other grandparents in my life whilst growing up. You have all taught me what life is and how amazing it can be, despite what life throws at you.

Nanna, I will always always always love you. You truly were, one of a kind.


  1. So sorry for your lose Nikki.
    Can you private email me in regards to "safe" blog... L(dot)spice(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz

  2. Oh Nikki, this is so beautiful.
    It gave me goosebumps.
    So easy to tell how special your Nanna was to you and what a special bond you had.