Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

Pitch Perfect
This film is A-MAZE-ING! I've watched it 7 times already and is yet to get old! I'm especially loving this song a guy put together with the cast from Pitch Perfect and people who had sent in their own videos! 

Spring is hitting London, not only in warmish weather but the trees have sprung back into life!

A must have
Inspired by my friend Meg, I bought these new pants from TK Maxx. Probs going to be my favourites this spring and summer!

Whether it's coming up, going down, or in between, it's lush. And choice.

Excitement levels
In less than three months, I'll be back in New Zealand for five weeks! It still feels so surreal at the moment; when I go back it would've been nearly two and a half years since I left, so that probably has something to do with it! Things have changed a lot since I left, but getting to see my nearest and dearest is going to be the best! 

This video
Oh man, it had me in stitches. Watch the first one until 28 seconds, then watch the second! You can thank me later!

and then this one!

And that is all for this week!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Weird and Wonderful dinner

Ever been in the situation where it's the week before payday where you have exactly £3 to your name, dinnertime comes along, and there's that awkward rummage to the back of the cupboards or digging elbow deep into the freezer? 

Welcome to tonight's dinner creation.

Get your cringes ready.

Get your taste buds ready.

Let me introduce to you all, the chicken ala soup ala pasta special.

Some chicken, I used half defrosted chicken thighs
A tin of Lentil and Bacon soup, I'm sure any of your favourite flavours would work a treat
Fresh tomatoes, I used 10 fresh vine tomatoes
A big dash of hot chilli powder
A dash of mixed herbs

Slosh it all into a baking dish, put into an oven preheated at 200 degrees. Sit back and relax for 45-50 minutes. Check it, it should be fine, then get cooking your pasta. You can substitute the pasta for anything really, roast veges would've been perfect.

Warning: It may resemble a dish of vomit, but never fear. The smells will soon change that! 

And there you have it; some freaking weird meal, that actually tastes pretty choice!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

This super cute kid
My cousin posted this video on Facebook and I've fallen in love with this little boy. He's sooooo cute, not to mention inspirational!!

The sun
Today we had a super choice warm day! It started off with the sun sprinkling through my blind, waking me up with it's warmth and dancing light.

I showered, put on my choice maxi dress for it's first outing this year, then spent 3 hours at a park up on Highgate Hill in the sun, writing and relaxing! But had to go home when the bladder was about to burst!

Speaking of the sun...
Loving my two favourite shots of the sky this week

Not just any Coke
I'm not a huge coca cola fan, normal coke has too much sugar and makes me really dizzy, coke zero is just as good as having a coffee, but my favourite vanilla coke is back!! I was on my way back from Nottingham after a training day for work, saw it in the train station cafe, and had to have it!

View from the top
I'm loving my new mint green shoes - £3 from Primark! Perfect for spring! I've also managed to somehow hurt my knee. It's been so niggly all week I'm too scared to walk or cycle to work in case it makes it worse. But next week I'm going to have to bite the bullet, I'm on a budget that isn't allowing for the bus!

I love jelly. It's right up there with bacon. I'm so used to the powdered stuff you mix up with water, that when I saw a "sachet" for 50p, I had to give it a go. It's kinda weird as it's already a jelly-ish consistency, but time will tell if it's just as nice!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday!

I do it on instagram, so why not on my blog! 

Introducing, my new favourite dress. 

I bought this off eBay for a measly £6; originally from H & M. I absolutely love the full skirt and Peter Pan collar! 

The shoes are ox blood red, leather brogues from Clarks - £50.

The tights are from Primark. Seriously, these are the best tights I've ever owned, and the only type I own now! They £3.50 per pair, but are the right thickness (120 denier) and you can get them in different colours!

The navy blue belt is from a set of three (it came with a black one with gold buckle, and a burgundy coloured one too!) from Forever 21. £6 for all three! 

The purple flower hair clip was £1.50 for two from Primark.

And the necklace is a string of beautiful pearls, that I bought with a voucher off wowcher, £20 for a necklace, bracelet and earrings (RRP £120!)

Sorry about the lame photos (and awkward protruding left boob, I swear it looks normal in real life!), I need to practise my full body shots!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Instagram Loving!

Wowzer! I've been totally blown away with this app! If you follow me in Instagram (thenikinator) you'd have probably realised that I post a new photo nearly everyday, if not a few everyday. It does come in waves of the awesomeness my phone and I can produce, but here are a few* of my all time favs. 

There's a plan for all of these. All I need is time and then we'll have a pretty choice display! 

*please note the term 'few', is used very loosely here!

Kuala Lumpur Museum, July 2012
V & A Museum, August 2012

Picnic in Victoria Park, August 2012

Kapas Island, Malaysia, August 2012

Musee D'orsay, Paris, August 2012
Tower Bridge, London, September 2012

Little Keith, 2012

Corner of Holloway Rd & Seven Sisters Rd, London, October 2012

St Katherine's Dock, London, October 2012

Dunham Massey Deer Park, Buckley, Wales, October 2012

Frost, December 2012

SNOW! February 2013

SNOW! February 2013

Fruit bowl delights, January 2013

On the bus, April 2013

Which are your favourites?

if you'd like to use these photos for whatever reasons, please ask, as they're owned by me!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving....

Getting my craft on!
I've been on school holidays for the last 2 weeks, so it was the perfect time to get some gifts made for some special people's birthdays coming up! Loving being on the crocheting buzz!! The 'infinity/scoop' scarves all turned out a little bit different which makes me love them more!

My gorgeous cousins
I found and edited these 2 photos of my gorgeous cousins I took from the summer holidays last year!! I love how cute they are and how much I miss them!

Breakfasts/Lunches and sometimes dinner
I've definitely been on holidays mode and having really lazy mornings. Not sleeping properly has made for some very slow starts, with a massive coffee in order each morning! My two favourite meals I've made over the week! I've been using naan breads as pizza bases, topping it with my favourite ingredients, and they work a treat!

Trying new bars
I went to Graphic Bar the other night and being the keen gin drinker that I am, what was better than going to a bar that had over 180 different kinds of gin? Well! We tried these delicious gin cocktails that came in a big paint tin, with our very own paint tray to catch the drips! Very fun!

I've also been doing a bit of reading over the last few weeks. I read this book by Johnny B. Truant called The Universe Doesn't Give a Flying Fuck About You (in the link you can read the book, it's just a short one!). It's short, it's truthful and honest, and really gets you thinking! I enjoyed it a lot; here's my favourite part!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

From Little Venice to Camden

Walking along the canals in London is so delicious. 
You feel like you're out of the city; you can get a glimpse into other peoples lives by the type of canal boat they live in. 
And on a rare spring London day, you might even have some sunshine. 

On Easter Monday we went for a walk along the canal. Starting at Little Venice by Warwick Avenue, we meandered all the way up past the zoo to Camden. Apart from the chilly wind, it was a lovely afternoon out.

Singing along to Duffy's song as we walked up the road

Spring blossoms

Cute welcome signs

The coolest coloured duck in the canal

The house that we all wanted to live in

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things I'm Loving

It's been a mighty productive week in terms of blogging for me this week! And I've got a few ideas for posts coming up, so watch this space!!

10 ways to happiness
My friends sent me this the other week and it was too good not to share. I recommend everyone reads it, and as there are 10 different aspects, and I'm sure you'll be able to relate to at least one! My favourites are numbers nine and 10!

See part onepart two and  part three all here!!

Treats from home
My cousins' arrived back from their holiday with a goodie bag from Mum and Dad! So stoked about all the treats I got!!

Lost treasures
I absolutely love finding photos like this on my phone! So much hilarity!

Walks in the park
Last weekend we went for a walk along the canal, as it was a lovely sunny and MEGA WINDY day! Photos will be up in a few days!

The sky
I think by now we all know my love for the sky! I'm loving London even more now that the clocks have gone forward and it's still light at 7.45pm!!

I had my hair trimmed a few months ago, and prior to that I used to wear it in a plait nearly everyday. After the trim, the end of my plait looked more like a make-up brush, so it's only now when I can start attempting plaits again!!

pretty tricky fish plait!

I'm in the crafty mode at the moment and aiming to get a whole load of the years gifts made in the next week!  I crocheted the flowers for this necklace with my bare hands for my mother and then put it all together! Her birthday was at the end of January, it's now April, and it's still sitting on my shelf. Sorry Mumma, but it's your fault for peeking at it on Instagram! 

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