Sunday, April 14, 2013

Instagram Loving!

Wowzer! I've been totally blown away with this app! If you follow me in Instagram (thenikinator) you'd have probably realised that I post a new photo nearly everyday, if not a few everyday. It does come in waves of the awesomeness my phone and I can produce, but here are a few* of my all time favs. 

There's a plan for all of these. All I need is time and then we'll have a pretty choice display! 

*please note the term 'few', is used very loosely here!

Kuala Lumpur Museum, July 2012
V & A Museum, August 2012

Picnic in Victoria Park, August 2012

Kapas Island, Malaysia, August 2012

Musee D'orsay, Paris, August 2012
Tower Bridge, London, September 2012

Little Keith, 2012

Corner of Holloway Rd & Seven Sisters Rd, London, October 2012

St Katherine's Dock, London, October 2012

Dunham Massey Deer Park, Buckley, Wales, October 2012

Frost, December 2012

SNOW! February 2013

SNOW! February 2013

Fruit bowl delights, January 2013

On the bus, April 2013

Which are your favourites?

if you'd like to use these photos for whatever reasons, please ask, as they're owned by me!

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