Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Keith Files

I had the pleasure of looking after this gorgeous cat for the last two weeks. Nearly each day I'd send a photo to his lovely owners to prove that I 
a) was looking after him
b) that he was still alive
c) he was all still fat and cute. 

Keith is a lovely cat, a bit timid and shy at times, and warms up familiar bodies appropriately. He likes long walks on the beach, his favourite cat meat is salmon flavour, and he shits rivers if you give him too many cat biscuits. 

Keith will come hurtling in your direction when he hears his pack of Dreamies being rustled, he'll meow until his bowl is full and he'll walk along you numerous times until you've stopped patting him and he's comfy. 

I now present you with the perfect round eligible bachelor...


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