Monday, April 8, 2013

From Little Venice to Camden

Walking along the canals in London is so delicious. 
You feel like you're out of the city; you can get a glimpse into other peoples lives by the type of canal boat they live in. 
And on a rare spring London day, you might even have some sunshine. 

On Easter Monday we went for a walk along the canal. Starting at Little Venice by Warwick Avenue, we meandered all the way up past the zoo to Camden. Apart from the chilly wind, it was a lovely afternoon out.

Singing along to Duffy's song as we walked up the road

Spring blossoms

Cute welcome signs

The coolest coloured duck in the canal

The house that we all wanted to live in


  1. Georgeous photos!!!!! Love the duck =)

  2. Wow. Some gorgeous shots here chook! Especially love the one with the tunnel xx

  3. you got some really great shots Nikki!