Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - What a year!

Last year I wrote this post with a few goals in mind. I did indeed move house, go back to New Zealand for 6 weeks, joined the gym and read more books! 

This year has been filled with...

SNOW!! In January and February it snowed like it was nobody's business! So much fun to be had! 

February was moving month for me, therefore no internet for nearly a month! However, there was a repost of a favourite post from the year before, some reminiscing with a post for my Mumma's birthday and how much my sisters mean to me

March was a busy month with a wedding filled with hilarious antics and making homemade icecream with my kiddies at work

May was birthday month for me and celebrating 200 posts!!!! (sorry about the lack of giveaways I had planned, instead you got a pic of my deep fried mars bar - win!), having another egg moment, and one of the best trips up to Glasgow

June was a month of loving's; counting down the days until I went back home, more egg moments with the ol' blind incidentgetting up in Spring's grill and joining in with the grateful project

July I sadly said goodbye to a great friend who moved back to New Zealand, I MADE IT BACK HOME, and started to really appreciate what I had left behind

I was still in New Zealand for most of August with a fun filled month! I went up to Auckland for the first time and got to meet the lovely Simoney and Cat IRL!!! I wrote a post about my beloved Blue Rabbit who is now back in London with me, I spent loads of time with one of my favourite people in the whole entire world and her family! And then I had the dreaded goodbye on my venture back to London.

September I was back into the new school year ready for the fun and challenges of my second year working with deaf kids, lemons were thrown but gratefulness was seeked out, goals were made to do something 'Londony' each month, and I became gluten free! (ha, I totally feel like that part on Pitch Perfect where she's all like..."guys... I have nodes...")

October was a bit of a dry spell with a lot going on, but I was able to find some loving's and love on the amazing friendship I've made with a special lady - so special I think that's the third time in this post.... yikes!

November made me fall in love with Call the Midwife, reflect on my life in London and love on more friendships, and made my lazy ass get around to summing up our trip to Budapest!

Finally, with December nearly at a close, and only two posts that I've squeezed out of myself (3 including this bad boy!), my favourite from this month has got to be Dinovember. And this song - happy by pharrell williams!

Thanks for sticking in there with this looonnnngggg post and my year of irregular blogging! 

I'm looking forward to a brighter and better 2014! Happy new years chicas!!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

I've been a bit non-existent in life, instagram and blog life, due to a lot of crap shitting on down on mah head. But we'll be back and running in all due course! This is the little 'pick me up' I've been needing!

In the mean time listen to this song - it's the bomb!

If it doesn't come up - click here! Pharrell Williams - Happy

I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and wonderful 2013, and I'll see you all most likely in 2014!!

Heaps of Aroha!


Sunday, December 1, 2013


Last week I shared with you the awesomeness that was Dinovember, so here's this weeks antics! 

I'm a bit sad that November is now over and our dinosaurs become 'just toys' again. Who knows, maybe there'll be a Christmas Elf or something similar to keep getting into mischief! 

We tried to get the dinosaurs into as much mischief and make as much mess as possible - with my kids noticing. Sometimes they just don't see things.. But we had great reactions from this week's fun! 

My kids go nuts for bananas. This was perfect!

Building towers with the lego

Causing havoc with the water beads!

Some early morning art work


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things I'm Loving - This one time, I went to Budapest

This post has been well overdue, but finally

My friend Cara and I went to Budapest in the October half term for four days. It was amazing! The weather and atmosphere; the old buildings and the Ruin pubs. I somewhat lack a sense of direction and found this city perfect for navigating!

Here are some of my favourite shots from our adventures!

The walking tour
We did a free walking tour which mainly consisted of the Pest side and a little bit of the Buda side. You paid what you wanted at the end of it and saw a bunch of stuff that you might normally have seen! On the tour, I did in fact learn that Budapest was two islands. And that there are loads of lovely buildings everywhere!

We got slightly bored with the big history talk...

View of Pest from Buda.

Apparently there's a rival between the Pest's 'love locks' and those in Paris!

A massive church

A bit of camera trickery! 

You rubbed his belly for goodluck in finding nice food - it was more like finding dairy and gluten free food for me! 
I can't remember why we rubbed his legs - but it was fun!

Szechenyi Baths
We went to a thermal bath place for the day. It was amazing! With 16 pools, 3 outdoor and the rest indoors, ranging in temperatures and having the sun shining all day - it was perfection! 


And that my friends, are my favourite photos from our trip! There are more random ones which will be shared all in due course! 

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This weeks lovings..

Doing things for a great cause
My gorgeous cousin Sophie has just completed her Run for Arthritis, where she ran 30km, climbing Mt. Kaukau in Khandallah then through the Northern Walkway, followed by getting up to the Brooklyn Windmill and finishing on a high at Mt. Victoria. All this was done in four and a half hours!

Our Nanna, my sister and Sophie's dad all suffer from arthritis, so for her this was a cause close to her heart - and ours! Sophie's raised over $2500 so far - you can check out her donation page here!

She also made it in the Hawkes Bay Today newspaper as she's so inspiring! 

Well done lovey, I'm sooo proud!

After seeing this article about a family who made their children's dinosaurs come to life, a work friend and I were sold on the idea to do this with my kids! 

We've got one week left in November, which equals one more week of fun and my kids running into the class saying "ohhh nooo! Dinosaurs naughty!"

These are the tricks our dinosaurs got up to so far...

The dinosaurs got into the train tracks! 

Ohhhh nooo! Not the flour!

Shredded paper's always fun, no?

Those naughty dinosaurs covered the class in toilet paper...

...and they left little droppings!!!

The dinosaurs abseiled down the hankies trying to attack the pet snails!

New onesies

I love my new onesie. I'd wear it 24/7 if I could!

Cat's who like to hide in boxes
I just love Keith's attempt to fit into the lid of trivial pursuit! A lil bit of overhang there buddy! 

Linking up with my gorgeous friend!