Saturday, April 4, 2015

Beautiful Belgium - The Concrete Cavas Walking Tour Edition

Slowly following on from our arrival edition and the graffiti lane edition, I bring you... 

the Concrete Canvas tour!

We attempted the Concrete Canvas walking tour on our second day in Ghent but somehow managed to fail miserably at finding any of the art work we wanted to see.

Bring on our last day in Ghent, lots of motivation to find these gems all over the city and the hopes of a day filled with fun!

Roa was on the top of our list, after being slightly familiar with his work after seeing some of it around London. We opened our map and circled all of his art work on the tour and set off for the second time - succeeding greatly!!

Discussing the pros and cons 

We took turns at being the tour guide, which we all took very seriously..

That pen came in very handy!

And we managed to see ALL of the Roa artwork on the tour! 

Ghent is pretty cool - not only is it beautiful, it's pretty small which made walking around the town super easy and enjoyable! 

The rabbits were my favourite piece of Roa's artwork, I'm so glad we managed to find them!

We started to try and guess which artwork was coming up next, as on the map it didn't specify which animal it'd be, so that added to the excitement!!

This was another favourite from Bue the Warrior - They had some cool takes and concepts of stuff!

We stopped off for lunch at a cute wee pub, filled our bellies with delicious food and mulled wine, then we were ready to find the last few artworks! 

Ghent was such a lovely place to spend a couple of days with two pretty choice people. 

If you love old cities, wandering around aimlessly whilst actually achieving things and and getting a bit cultured, then I'd highly recommend it!

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