Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Sisters : Revisited

I absolutely LOVE this post! It reminds me how lucky I am to have such a special family!

They are ALL MINE!

September 1992

They will NEVER be someone else's sisters.


Always always always mine.
September 1992

Sometimes we argue and get upset.


Other times we enjoy each others company.


We are friends.




We all have our wee problems; Alice has bad bunions, I have bad hips, and Rosie has arthritis.

When Alice lost her first tooth! And we're also dimple twins! 1995/1996

But you know what?
They're still my sisters.

Christmas day 2010
I love them to bits and miss them soooo much! (as well as you too Mumma and Papa!)

Christmas day 2008 or 2009?
In celebration of being in London for 9 months, and also because I can celebrate my love for my family, whenever, wherever.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Repost - My Mumma

This post is dedicated to my beautiful Mum. 
a repost from 2011, with new photos, for her birthday.

She's the most amazing person.

A good friend.

A beautiful woman whom I look up to.

She's always there.

My love for her is endless. 

Happy birthday you gorgeous lady. I'll be thinking of you from London! See you in 6 months! xxxxxx

Things I'm Loving!

Last week and this week I'm loving...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It snowed in London, you're all probably extremely aware of this. But I'm still also enjoying that it had! Here's one of my favourite photos from a couple of weekends ago!

In less that 24 hours I will be in my new house! I'm moving from Whitechapel up to North London to bask in some pretty choice awesomeness. I'm also, the worlds best procrastinator mixed in with the worlds worst packer. I should be packing right now, but I'm writing this. My excuse: I banged my head on the wall (which is the truth, and it really hurt) so I need a 'rest'! Ha!

Farewell dinners

Last weekend me and my current flatmates all went out for dinner to an AMAZEBALLS Indian restaurant called Tayyabs! Sooo delicious, totally recommend going there in you're around in London. It was packed, so not super good for families, but it was a Saturday night, so mid week could be better!
p.s - I'm the biggest photo ruiner. Ever.


I've found loads of 'stashes' whilst packing/cleaning. My favourite being a massive pile of letters, cards, photos and notes from friends and loved ones. I'm keeping these for the future!

I'm loving the way encouragement sneaks into all sorts of things.

I may be off the radar for a week or so until we get our internet sorted! Enjoy some of my favourite scheduled posts I've lined up for you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happiness - Revisited

After flicking through some old blog posts, I came across this one. It's nice to reflect on what made me happy in July last year, with some slight edits. A lot has changed, but the remainder still makes that warm place sparkle.

It's a lot of different things, for a lot of different people.

It's those little things that put a smile on your dial.

Like a really fat squirrel

The light in a sun set

Standing on top of a massive snow ball

Putting vegetables on your head

Receiving a card from someone very special and close to your heart

Being in London and capturing awesome things like this replica of the Stone Henge made out of cars

Holding a rabbit, and wearing festive pjs, and being in France.

And with that, I shall leave you with a final picture. One of my all time favourites. 

All photos were taken by me, therefore I own them, therefore please don't knick them. Thanks.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

There's lots of loving this week!!

Touch screen gloves
These puppies have come in so handy the last few days! Makes taking photos of the snow so much easier! Thanks Primark!

Christmas presents
I've been making the most of my delicious chocolate lip gloss that my dear friend Meg made me for Christmas!

And speaking of Meg and Christmas gifts, I used my choice Typo stamps today! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'd have seen I've been pretty excited about the snow we've just had. So what better way to display how I think and feel about it....

It snowed today! ALL DAY! Oh boy, did we have one excited Nikki! I was  the first class out in the snow this morning! I got to go home a bit earlier because of it, and the snowflakes had gotten so much bigger that you could actually see the whole shape. It was beautiful.

I really enjoy this photo. Despite how cold it was, it makes me warm and happy inside
Outside my school at lunch time
My little street - my house is the second white wall!
Look how much had settled! 

A lovely summary of it all.
I've been playing the uke a bit this week and downloaded some choice songs to play. What I love about the ukulele, is that I've found it sooo easy to play and learn (being able to play the piano and guitar might've helped) and can master a song on the second time playing it. Usually. Here's my latest downloads. 

Fruit bowls
The pound for a £1 man down the road is a great bargain. You get a pound of fruit for £1. Pretty self-explanatory. So this week I had some super fruit eating to do!

Morning sky
I'm a sucker for a sunset or sunrise. Or just a beautiful sky. I love this shot I took during the week.

And now I'll leave you with this
I wish I had a cat in London so I could do this.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things I'm Loving

This week I'm loving...

Pitch Perfect
I've seen this moving twice in the last few weeks, and it's soooooo good!! I'm sure it got even funnier the second time!

My cow jug
Looking at this beautiful little cow milk jug on my mantel piece in my room, it's almost too good to use!

Dressing up
It's one of my favourite things to do, so when the word was out that the new years party we were going to was 80's themed, I just stuck my hand into the back of my wardrobe and pulled out this puppy.

London put on a beauty the other day.

Within a 15 minute walk from my house is Liverpool St station. Along the walk, there's such a change in the buildings, people and environment. Hanbury St (right by Brick Lane) is always surprising, with their great graffiti and art on the walls. Here are a few favourites that I saw yesterday.

This little shop has great parking spots

Last week I finished 'The Expats' by Chris Pavone. This week I started 'A Long Way Down' by Nick Hornby. It's great! The overall topic is a bit touchy but he writes in such a fantastic and hilarious way, it's such an enjoyable book. It's based in North London too which is fun because I know where some of the places are, and now that WE FINALLY FOUND A NEW HOUSE I'll get to know the area even better!

And even better, getting to sneak out at lunch time for 20 mins to have a quick read.

P.s - I just looked the book up and it's going to be made into a film! Choice!

Finding Vogels bread at Budgens for £1, then realising how choice I am when I change the name of it to 'Brogels'. I just wonder why I never thought of that earlier!

I quickly whipped up this hat for a guy at work who's baby is due next week. Luckily I had enough wool!

Absoultely loving this song!!! Labrinth singing Express Yourself.

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