Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

a song might start playing, cool if it does but it might not :)

Things I'm Loving this week

♥ I'm loving getting rained on whilst wearing a merino dress and I didn't have a cardigan/jacket or umbrella, so I end up smelling like a wet sheep to my job interview! All you can do is laugh 

♥ Love love loving taking photos! I get upset now when I don't remember my camera! It's becoming a part of my everyday handbag allowance! I really want to get one of these and one of these and maybe one of these 

Also loving this super cool mask, not to mention the rad purple metallic leggings, I bought for a mexican themed dress up party this weekend. I'm going for a Nacho Libre look. I haven't found a top yet, I'm going to scrounge around some cheap nasty shops for something metallic! Still trying to figure out my "wrestling" name, a few name generators have given me the options of 

Spanko de Guerra or Buzz Hunter. Both a bit 

lame so I'm going to work on it! 


Candy Floss!
There's a little man with a little stall in the little shopping centre that's a little short walk from the little house I'm staying at. He has a little cart with lots of little jars and bowls of little nuts and lots of little bags of popcorn and little bags of CANDY FLOSS! I've been waiting until I had a £1 coin to buy some, and the day has come! You can view me enjoying it! It was so super! 

I would say that I regret buying it because of how fat and yuck I feel now, but who cares? I played netball last night, and eating all that sugar with food colouring is going to be worth the headache and potential break out!

You're all in for a treat! Here it is....

My first Vlog!
I realise that it's pretty lame, but I thought it was funny! I can't record something this dorky and not show people! And I gotta get amongst it ay?!


p.s I look like I've got my eyes closed most of the way through it, but when they're open they make my glasses look really thick. Ha ha!

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  1. You are SO CUTE! And crazily brave putting a vlog out there... I can't bring myself to do it! :) Found your 'loving' via Paisley Jade! xx

  2. Haha - the best snd cutest vlog!!! So loving your list - especially your 'Nacho Libre' outfit!! Best movie ever!!

  3. Hahahahaha that was hilarious and fabulous all in one! Go you! Visiting via Paisley Jade :-)

    PS I love candy floss


    You are TOO hilarious - I'm gonna have to show Noah in the morning! And the Nacho Libre outfit too - brilliant effort!

    Oh and did I mention that I loved the vlog? ;-)

    So stoked that I can call you my friend IRL too xxxxxx

  5. yum candy floss!! i havent had that stuff for sooo long