Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

Things I'm loving this week are...

♥ Stuff article 

This article on Stuff. It's about travelling alone and rather interesting. I don't think I'd want to do tons of travelling alone by myself but it's still good to have a read!

♥ Camden town 

Camden town and Camden markets are absolutely dire heaven! I wish I had an endless supply to buy all sorts of things such as crafty nick nacks, jewellery, prints of photos and of course clothes! The place itself is so beautiful and historical as well as being unique and quirky. There are so many ethnicities and cultures surrounding this tiny town, I loved it all! I would highly recommend it and definitely go there again!

♥ Keith 

D and C's cat Keith is so handsome. And very fat. He was actually snoring when I took these photos and had little wee twitchy paws! Bless him!

♥ Shops 

The shops here are amazing. Indescribable. H & M, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, New Look - the list goes on and on and on and on...

Cheap and good! With the little spending money I've had this week, I have dabbled and dibbled and only purchased a few items! Go self control :P

♥ Going out for dinner 

There are loads of cheap little places to go for dinner around here. Last night we went to a Polish place. The mains were £5, shots of vodka were £3 and glasses of beer and wine were £3. So much goodness in £10! We also went to 'spoonies' which is a branch of weatherspoon pubs for a Sunday night dinner. Super cheap too and big delicious meals!

♥ London 

Overall, I'm totally loving London. It's spectacular. I feel like I've been here for longer than a week and seen so much but it has indeed only been 1 week and there is still sooo much to see!!

♥ Skype 

The person behind Skype is a genius. I've skyped my family which is relatively easy to do! And this morning I skyped Meghan, Noah and Mark! It was so lovely to see familiar faces and I can't wait to do it again soon :)

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  1. Aww....thanks for the mention, it was so fun catching up. And the first thing Noah did when he got to daycare was tell everyone he'd Skyped you - he was a very happy boy! Lyn and Sue and Trent's mum were all so keen to hear how you were getting on too xx

  2. London? Well aren't you a lucky girl! and now I'm pining to visit Camden too!
    xo Jana

  3. It looks a whole lot warmer in London than it does out of my window right now! Enjoy! I have so many friends over there, they love it too!

  4. Cool as list - cat is sooo cute and skype is totally amazing!!

  5. Cheap eats yes! Lucky duck travelling the uK

  6. looks like good fun!! keith is pretty handsome is he smoochy??

  7. Hey I think I might have the hang of commenting now (with Rosie's help) =)

  8. London sounds great - can't wait for our turn to visit =)