Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I'm Loving London Style!

I've made it people! 

The tube!! 

My first time on the tube was a success! Such a good way of transport - however I can understand how annoying it'd be when it breaks down or is super full in rush hour!

♥ This isn't the best photo but... 

Double decker red buses! It's so Londony! 

♥ My one and only 

This has been soooo helpful already and I'm only on my first day!! Thanks to my cousins who gave it to me for my birthday! 

♥ Bless duty free's little heart for reeling me in and making the big purchase 

It is worth every single pound I spent on it. Lovey lovey love it!

♥ Oh la la, limited edition! 

How rad is this?! Limited edition Oyster card! Whoop whoop!

♥ First dinner out! 

We went to a 'Caribbean Cuisine' restaurant tonight! So weird and yum! I got the curried goat, Dugald got the Oxtail and Ceirios got Orville's special chicken! And we got some fried plantain which was sooo delicious!

♥ And because I love this (and also forgot I had taken a photo of it before I left), a family from work made it for me before I left and I just found it and now feel sad! Love ya! 



  1. I love double deckers!! Such a great list and loving duty free stuff!!

  2. I feel as if I have been right there with you reading this. I remember my first few days in London being so overwhelming in a good way! The sights the sounds the buildings the volume of people. I loved how you would go into the underground at one stop and how when you appear above ground it's so completely different like a whole other world even if you've only travelled a couple of miles.

    Soak up all these new experiences, dont you feel like your world has just enlarged by a million?! Such a cool feeling xx