Thursday, May 26, 2011

My happy first day in London!!!

Firstly, at KL airport, they only had about 3 "normal" toilets (Normal as in the ones we're used to) and all the rest were squatty long droppy things! I was going to be brave and try one out but chickened out last minute! The thought of falling in is just as bad as getting sucked down the airplane toilet! 

I arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. The sun was shining and views from the plane were just as I expected - land going on for miles and a bajillion brown brick houses!

After not having slept for the last 12 hours I was pretty knackered! But the drive back from the airport was really cool! Ceirios pointed out some landmarks and before we knew it we were back at their flat! It's a typical English block of flats but it's super awes inside - it even has a cat called Keith who is lovely! 

Last night we met up with my other cousin Martin and we went to the pub. After having 2 gin and tonics, I was feeling pretty tired and drunk so one cider was the cut off point for me! The pub was really cool, about 10 mins walk away and I think we passed two others on our way there/back too! Went to bed about 11ish and slept straight through til 6.45 when I was wide awake!

After being at the toilet in the pub and at the flat, I can make a general assumption that a lot of toilets have pull flushes not button ones! I'll report back after today's adventures but it's kinda cool and old school. I like it.

At this present moment in time, it's 8.30am and I have a meeting with a teaching agency I've signed up with at 11.30am. This means that I have to get a tube there. This also means that I have to be super aware of what is going on so I don't miss my stop or get lost! This also means that it's a recipe for disaster! Luckily for me the agency is a short walk from the tube station so I shouldn't get too lost! I'm still debating whether or not so head on an adventure of some sort this afternoon after that happens! 

A while later at 1.30pm....
I made it! I am still alive and about to go on my next mission!

But first, this is important: The mail actually gets put through the hole in the door! It's not just for show! How amazing!!

A while after that at 4.05pm....

Sooooo I've been on lots of adventures!!

I caught the tube to Finchley Central for my meeting with the teaching agency (I already said that earlier!). There was some excitement in amongst the nerves of getting lost! But it's all done and dusted.

After the meeting I became a 'big girl' and went home, got my passport (which I forgot for the meeting...) then googled Lloyeds bank and found a branch in the Elephant and Castle mall, got my A to Z map book, looked it up and turns out it's like a 10 minute walk from the flat so I went there all by myself! I then continued on buy two adapter plugs from some cheap pricebuster sort of shop, I went to Tescos to buy shampoo and cereal and chewing gum, and then I came home and got lost on the way so I got out my A to Z map book again and found my way back home!! (guess what will feature on the 'things I'm loving' blog =)

And now I am at home! Welcome to my exciting first day in London! 

Bye xx

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  1. Niks - great fun. Those first 'days' are so exciting of the big city. Look out for all the Monolopy board streets!!