Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Instalment number 3 (revised edition)

I've walked around and have heaps of time to kill so here's a more thorough break down of my trip so far! 

I freaked out big time when I had to go to the toilet on the plane. I absolutely hate them! I just keep on imagining that I'm going to get sucked down that tincy tiny wee hole! Not that it could actually happen but I think it's the noise and the draft you get around your ankles when it happens! 

Sleeping on the plane has also been proven to be a hard task for me. I'd either slip my legs or arms over the edge of my seat and the air hostessess would just walk straight into them without even trying to dodge me! I don't sleep well in confined spaces, I'm one of those annoying people who sleep diagonally in a queen size bed, so to try and squeeze into a small seat is nuts!

And sitting in those seats for super long amounts of time has totally buggered my lower back and hips! But I only have 12 more hours of it and then I won't have to do it for a very long time!! I would say it has put me off flying but the flight over here so far went super quick!

I feel super blessed to have such loving friends and family who have sent me special messages so far or came to see me off at the airport!  It was a very tearful goodbye! I finally cracked at 630 when I was reading a book a good friend made for me with some memories in it, and then when I had to say goodbye to my gorgeous wee pooch!! But needless to say I did look like I was on some sort of drugs when I requested 2 big cups of water to rehydrate my self; the airhostess just looked at my bright red puffy eyes and gave it to me! I suppose though that they get that all the time! 

This airport is so big! I've tried to stay in one spot so I don't get too lost but I've already lost the spot I was trying to stay in! I need to find some place that sells some water bottles and potentially one of those really lame neck things that will actually be quite good! I woke up a few times with my head bent in some awkward direction and the muscles had cramped so it was a mish to try and lean back upright again! And they have this super awesome massive shop and all they sell is chocolate! I feel pretty bummed that I couldn't eat most of it so therefore no purchases were made. But if anyone does want to send me a piece of New Zealand, some Whittakers Dark Ghana and Peppermint would go down quite nicely ;)

Ciao amigos

Watch this space again!!


  1. Gosh I really feel as if I'm right there travelling alongside you - great roundup! Plane seats are never big enough. A neck pillow is definitely a great idea though.

    Hope you can get more quality rest on the next leg xx

  2. I'm bummed I didn't get a neck pillow before I left cos they had none at KL airport! I got next to no rest on the next leg of the flight - watched 6 movies though! And the food was super yuck! All I got was this rank chicken that was mega salty for my meals! I had a nice fish one on the other flight though! xxxxx