Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Instalment number 2 and 3

I'm having to combine these as I was delayed in Wellington then had to wait over an hour in the check in line at Auckland!! Trip to Auckland was miserable. I cried the whole entire way. It was kinda lucky I was sitting by myself! Met some lovely people who helped me fill out a form and told me where to go haha! Flight to Kuala Lumpur was extremely bumpy for the first like 3 hours! Tried to sleep a bit but felt real sick! Then had some weird 'lactose free food' that I'm pretty sure still had dairy in it! And they gave me chicken for breakfast haha! But I only watched one movie - Country Strong - pretty good!! Then I fell asleep when I started to watch Yogi Bear! I have 2 hours to kill at KL airport so I'm just going to freshen up and browse some shops! 

Reality still hasn't set in yet! My butt is still sore from sitting down for 11 hours so I need to keep walking! Love you lots people who read this!! (mum, Meghan and Nat!!) 

Will write an awesome awesome blogggggy when I don't feel all sweaty and rushed! 

Ohhh and the sunrise was absolutely beautiful! Sooooo amazing and spectacular. But I forgot to take a photo cos I was thinking to much about how beautiful it is!


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  1. I'm reading with ya babe, miss you and am gonna miss not meeting you at meow for lunch tomorrow! xx