Thursday, August 29, 2013

The dog made me crack, that was fine....

Leaving home again, was just like the first time. When I left my family home nearly two and a half years ago, I didn’t let myself cry about leaving until the actual day. Then I lasted until we had to leave our house and my Mum told me to say goodbye to our dog Bella. I thought nothing of it, bent down to give her a massive patty cuddle thing (you can’t really hug our dog, she likes to jump!) and the water works started. For someone who’s never had a dog, I’ve heard from those horse’s mouths that “why would you cry over a dog, they’re just a pet”. Well they aren’t just a pet, they’re family.

So this time leaving I thought things would be a bit different. Low and behold, they weren’t. Same again, the whole huggy patty scenario, the crying but trying to hide it from Mum and Rosie so they both wouldn’t start either, as we had to go and see my Grandad and then go to the airport, so it was a long way to start crying and not stop! That was fine, Dad shipped me into the car pretty quick, we drove to my Grandad’s and then that was all fine. Until we were about to leave.

My Grandad is such a darling, but he’s getting old. I don’t want to think that this could quite possibly be the last time I see him ever, but it could be. I don’t know when I’ll next be back in Wellington, so I had to ‘pretend I needed to fart’ so I could scoot out the door and not cry in front of everyone again. That was fine, we drove to the airport, had lunch and my friend Tara came and met us there. I went for a wee, let out ‘eye wees’ ha! And then that was fine. We were messing around by the gate, I was umming and ahhing about what time I should go through as I was cutting time slightly fine (before the plane decided to be delayed) and that was fine. Then good old Papa Bear gave me a hug and BOOM! That wasn’t fine! Cry cry cry cry cry, cried through the security checks, cried sitting down waiting for the plane, and some lovely lady came over. She was a promotional lady for something, I had stopped listening at that point, and then we had a wee chat about where I was from and lived and she gave me a DVD about New Zealand that has “some really rad and awesome photos” on it.

We will wait and see, I hope it’s good. Cos I love New Zealand, and free stuff! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Crafting Stuff!

I've had a slight dose of the crafty bug these holidays! There's so many ideas racing around in my head I either forget what I want to do, or don't get time.

The first thing was this pretty choice waterproof drawstring bag for a little man who turned 7. The idea was for him to use it for swimming or football and be able to wash it if needed. I wanted to make an animal but my fabric selection was very limited so I kinda made up a monster/dinosaur thing! 

I tried out making something 'proper' by using the Tunisian Crochet technique which turned out pretty rad. I found it hard to get one end straight, the stitches were like magic and kept multiplying or decreasing unknowingly! So these made up arm warmers are actually really warm and I think adding some embellishments will go down a treat! 

I then used the left over wool so make a quick slouchy beanie! It only took about 2 hours, fits perfectly and I think it looks pretty darn choice! 

Now, I've just bought six balls of some gorgeous wool, but cannot for the life of me remember what I was going to make. So if anyone's got any ideas about something crochetable on 27 hours worth of flying, holla! 

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Loving and Gratefulness all summed up in a special friendship

Firstly, I'm loving this song. You should probably listen to it. It's Riptide by Vance Joy. Make sure the speakers are up loud.

Secondly, I'm loving and beyond grateful for some special people I've spent this past Sunday with. Meg is one of my favourite people, and she comes with a pretty favourite family too. There's so much love in their four walls and they're more than happy to share some of it with me.

We went to the waterfront and rode the The Enormous Crocodile Bikes in the glorious sunshine. Yeah, that's right, sunshine during winter and not a breath of wind. It was something I've never done before and it was just so much freaking fun. 

Oriental Parade in it's prime.
Mark was really good at steering, I however, was not that good at pedaling! 

Being able to spend such a lovely day with such lovely people was perfect. There were loads of laughs, like so many laughs, and just so much fun. 

Being able to hang out with friends who you haven't seen for nearly two and a half years and still get along like a pair of houses on fire, that's what makes it special. There's no awkward silences, or forced conversations. We can be ourselves, are ourselves, and enjoy each others selves. So it's perfect. 

And speaking of perfect, so are these two monkeys! My craziness might have rubbed off on them a little bit, but that's just one of the ingredients of being choice! 

I'm so thankful and grateful for the friendship that Meg and I have got. We just clicked and will keep on clicking for a bajillion more years. I hope! 

She's one of the best and definitely a keeper! And she comes with 3 pretty choice minions too! 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Let Me Introduce You To...

My beloved Blue Rabbit.

This raggy old thing that's lost half his fur? Yeah, he's still my favourite. He's still got his smile too, despite no nose - it just gives him some swag. 

He's been through some tough times; every wash in the washing machine when he was 'older' was like time standing still, to see if he'd make it out still intact; and I can't forget the time my sister threw him in the fire place - luckily it wasn't on, but still! 

You see, I'm one of those people who fiddle with things, whether it be my hair, the seam of something, tapping a pen, the end of my scarf - the list goes on - and poor Blue Rabbit bore the brunt of that. So my Nanna made him his jacket to cover up how raggy he is 'keep him warm' and Mum made him some gloves - which very quickly got fiddled through... 

Along with his ears and tail!

So folks, that's my Blue Rabbit aka Rabby. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Grateful for gratefulness

This past week I'm grateful for...

Dogs who have the best welcome homes

Friends who are there and get you

Meeting other bloggers IRL!

Clearing/sorting out my stuff/life and finding so many special memories like...

... This photo of my Nanna and I. I was 10 days old and this was my first ever smile to one of the most special people in my life. 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Should we get the ferry or go up the Sky Tower? - A things I'm loving post!

Having grown up in Wellington and never been to Auckland before, I jumped at the chance to go up and visit, which handily coincided with getting to meet the lovely Simone! She was kind enough to let me stay with her and her family and was a pretty choice tour guide. 

Wellington airport
We went up to Mt Eden and checked out the views

The lovely Simoney and I - Mt Eden
View from Mt Eden
 We leisurely strolled across the waterfront, enjoying the sun, sights, gelato and each other's company!

Auckland waterfront
We ummed and ahhed about whether or not to go up the Sky Tower or catch a ferry to Devonport. That decision was conveniently made for us after we missed 3 different ferries! I braved the lifts and heights - not my strong points - and we went up the Sky Tower to check out the amazing views. They were worth it!

186 meters high - yikes! 

Keeping it together! Let's just say I was glad to be back on the ground! 
View from the Sky Deck at 220 meters high! 
View from the Sky Deck at 220 meters high! 
We had lots of laughs and fun and I feel so lucky to have been able to have met and stay with such an amazing person! 

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