Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Let Me Introduce You To...

My beloved Blue Rabbit.

This raggy old thing that's lost half his fur? Yeah, he's still my favourite. He's still got his smile too, despite no nose - it just gives him some swag. 

He's been through some tough times; every wash in the washing machine when he was 'older' was like time standing still, to see if he'd make it out still intact; and I can't forget the time my sister threw him in the fire place - luckily it wasn't on, but still! 

You see, I'm one of those people who fiddle with things, whether it be my hair, the seam of something, tapping a pen, the end of my scarf - the list goes on - and poor Blue Rabbit bore the brunt of that. So my Nanna made him his jacket to cover up how raggy he is 'keep him warm' and Mum made him some gloves - which very quickly got fiddled through... 

Along with his ears and tail!

So folks, that's my Blue Rabbit aka Rabby. 


  1. Awwww! Love it!
    I have LOST my beloved "Teddy" (actually a panda); he had no nose AT ALL (chewed off by my teething sister) no fur (rubbed of by all the cuddles) and holes in some very awkward places (courtesy of teenage boys who spotted my teddy while at camp and "did things"; ugh. I didn't realise what they were doing. So Naive i was.
    I MISS my teddy.

  2. I still have Koala !! !! He has been mended a couple of times and is still as loved now as he was 40 years ago