Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Crafting Stuff!

I've had a slight dose of the crafty bug these holidays! There's so many ideas racing around in my head I either forget what I want to do, or don't get time.

The first thing was this pretty choice waterproof drawstring bag for a little man who turned 7. The idea was for him to use it for swimming or football and be able to wash it if needed. I wanted to make an animal but my fabric selection was very limited so I kinda made up a monster/dinosaur thing! 

I tried out making something 'proper' by using the Tunisian Crochet technique which turned out pretty rad. I found it hard to get one end straight, the stitches were like magic and kept multiplying or decreasing unknowingly! So these made up arm warmers are actually really warm and I think adding some embellishments will go down a treat! 

I then used the left over wool so make a quick slouchy beanie! It only took about 2 hours, fits perfectly and I think it looks pretty darn choice! 

Now, I've just bought six balls of some gorgeous wool, but cannot for the life of me remember what I was going to make. So if anyone's got any ideas about something crochetable on 27 hours worth of flying, holla! 

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  1. Loving your arm warmers !! !! !!
    and your colour choices

  2. That bag is freeking awesome!! and so are the crochet arm warmers and hat! As for suggestions... Ummm no clue sorry! blanket? scarf? amigurimi? thanks heaps for linking up x