Sunday, August 25, 2013

Loving and Gratefulness all summed up in a special friendship

Firstly, I'm loving this song. You should probably listen to it. It's Riptide by Vance Joy. Make sure the speakers are up loud.

Secondly, I'm loving and beyond grateful for some special people I've spent this past Sunday with. Meg is one of my favourite people, and she comes with a pretty favourite family too. There's so much love in their four walls and they're more than happy to share some of it with me.

We went to the waterfront and rode the The Enormous Crocodile Bikes in the glorious sunshine. Yeah, that's right, sunshine during winter and not a breath of wind. It was something I've never done before and it was just so much freaking fun. 

Oriental Parade in it's prime.
Mark was really good at steering, I however, was not that good at pedaling! 

Being able to spend such a lovely day with such lovely people was perfect. There were loads of laughs, like so many laughs, and just so much fun. 

Being able to hang out with friends who you haven't seen for nearly two and a half years and still get along like a pair of houses on fire, that's what makes it special. There's no awkward silences, or forced conversations. We can be ourselves, are ourselves, and enjoy each others selves. So it's perfect. 

And speaking of perfect, so are these two monkeys! My craziness might have rubbed off on them a little bit, but that's just one of the ingredients of being choice! 

I'm so thankful and grateful for the friendship that Meg and I have got. We just clicked and will keep on clicking for a bajillion more years. I hope! 

She's one of the best and definitely a keeper! And she comes with 3 pretty choice minions too! 

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  1. I have to second that - Meg is pretty fantastic !! !! And that is summed up from a singular weekend meeting xxx

  2. Shucks I'm blushing over here. We loved hanging out yesterday too - and you're family now chook - like it or not you're stuck with us now!

    My favourite parts of the day were your raucous laughter as we had too many near misses to count on the bike, and your burps (yep just love how comfortable you are around us). You are a breath of fresh air Missy Moo and we love you xx