Monday, October 28, 2013

Sometimes I'm Adventurous

There are times when I jump at the chance to do something a bit adventurous and I really enjoy it. Then there are times when I jump at those chances, then freak out half way through.

Example one: The Good
One of my best friends ever and I and her family all decided to go sky diving. Oh yeah, this will be choice she said. Well it was actually amazing! The plane ride up was the scariest part! Not to mention, being half strapped in dangling from the ledge of the plane while the instructor continued to strap me in. That part was freaking terrifying. But the actual jumping and flying part - no problemo! 

I would sky dive again in a heart beat!

Example two: The Bad
So I was up in Auckland a few months ago, and Simone and I were being tourists and decided to go up the Sky Tower. Oh yeah, this will be choice she said. I hate lifts. Like really really don't like them and I will go out of my way to not like them and use them. 

So up the Sky Tower we went, up the anxiety went. I did love it, once we were back on the ground though! 

I may probably never Sky Tower again. Don't get me wrong, the views were amazing! But I just didn't fancy it.

Example three: The Good (well kinda)
When I was I think 15 I went down to Invercargill to spend a few weeks with a good friend who had moved down there. We went up to Wanaka for a week of camping by the lake and whilst we were there, we had a brilliant idea of driving to Queenstown so I can go Bungy Jumping. 

I was buzzing and thought, Oh yeah, this will be choice! I'm jumping off a super high bridge and getting dunked in the water! Que the nervous farts, and the standing on the ledge. And we have one Nikki who didn't listen to the instructions properly, ended up with two swollen bruised eyes (I seriously looked a bit Chinese..) and the cartilage torn of some ribs. 

I'd love to say I loved it, but went into shock for the rest of that day and don't actually remember jumping. Luckily I have it on DVD! 

So I would definitely Bungy Jump again. But, would definitely not get dunked in the water again!

Example four: The Bad (and a little bit good)
So I went on a date that wasn't a date but it might have been a date but probably wasn't one. Basically I met him at the bottom of this colourful building...

.. and we caught the lift right up to the 39th floor. Shit I mean great! The lift ride wasn't too bad, it had a glass wall so I could see myself hurtling up above London at a speed I was less inclined to enjoy. Once we got up there the views were sooooo amazing that it washed away all the anxiety and I could enjoy myself. And after a few wines the ride down wasn't too bad! 


And there folks, I think I can safely say that I'm more 'into' being adventurous when there's more risk involved! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gratefully Loving on Special Friends

I could write a post about how I've lost the will to blog, or I could write a post that I've been mustering up in my head for a wee while now.

I think I'll go with the latter.

I have this really special friend. We became friends kinda by accident. I was her oldest child's teacher at day care and me and him became buds. Pretty good buds. We had 'Nikki cuddles' and would read stories all the time together and play loads of chasing games. 

Then I decided to move to London. 

In the few months between announcing my departure and actually leaving, I became quite close to his mum. And what a life changer it has been. It was almost a bit sad that I left at the beginning of something awesome, but the distance hasn't gotten in our way. Maybe only a little bit, seen as how we're both on the other sides of the world from each other, but never fear - Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp are here! 

This pretty choice chick, who also goes by the name of Meg, Meghan or my BFF4L, has got one of the hugest hearts that exist. That's a pretty big call to make, but it's 100% absolutely true. 

She introduced me to blogging, which coincided nicely with last minute bonding time before I left Wellington and started travelling, and after just over two and a half years, she's still my top 'blog-adviser'! 

She welcomed me into her family with the widest, most openest arms ever, and I'm pretty confident in saying that I won't be going anywhere, anytime soon! Sorry lovey, you're stuck with me now! 

You see, Meg is just really pretty choice. She's got a pretty choice husband and two super lush boys, who I all love to bits! 

It was one of my favourite parts of being back in New Zealand a few months ago, knowing that I was going to be seeing Meg and the boys, having chats about whatever rolled off our tongues, having quality chill-out-catch-up time. Basically whatever we did, it was fun. 

It was all the same again when Meg, Mark, Noah and Mylo all came and had a sleepover at my flat in London last week! I met them at the Natural History museum where Noah proudly showed me around the dinosaur exhibition - this kid can teach you a thing or two about dinosaurs! We had some of the best curry I've had in London for dinner that night, then me and Meg hopped into our matching pjs! I love being matching. 

After work the next day I met them all for dinner at my local 'spoonies' then we ventured back on the bus back to my house. I could tell (mainly because Noah had said he wanted to sit right up the front) that the boys really wanted to be, It's such a fun experience and a must do, so Noah and Mylo, your wish was my command! 

A few minutes later and after asking some man to move over, who got all nervous at the thought of us sitting next to him who ended up moving anyway, we sat merrily at the front, chatting about the things we could see and how close the bus would get to the cars! 

We enjoyed some delicious wine, after carefully talking Mark through how to spot good and cheaper wine at Sainsburys, had a little laugh at the new name I gave it, it's amazing what adding an extra O can do!, and continued to hang out like civilised adults... 

I miss these guys so much. It was a sad morning saying goodbye to them, knowing that when I next see them is unknown in the foreseeable future. 

But hey ho, that's what memories are for. They're the best.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

Some lovings from this week...

Craft club
Cara and I are doing a craft club with year 6 children for the next 10ish weeks. This was our first creation!

If you've been following me for the last few weeks, you'll know I've been trying out being gluten free. I've tried the other muesli by the same brand but this one kicks some serious butt! The coconut and cinnamon in it is sooooooo delicious!!

Long hair
Mainly due to the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to get a hair cut in London, my hair is getting pretty long now. I think this is probably the longest it's ever been, so it's perfect for fish tail plaits!

I'm really looking forward to winter this year! Crazy I know, but I have a new coat I've only worn twice, I've just bought this choice rabbit jumper to add to the collection, not to mention the surplus of scarves and hats I have - I want to wear them all now!!!!!

Sun surprises
There's been some mega fog in the mornings lately, so it was like a breath of fresh air to snap the sun rising!

When I was back in New Zealand I was having a smoothie nearly every day and the second day I was back in London, I invested in my very own blender! The plan was to make one each morning and take it to work for breakfast - that lasted two days! But after a quick trip to Sainsburys this morning, I had one delicious smoothie on my hands!

I bought this dress from Temt when I was back home and tonight it's getting its second outing! The dress itself I'm not a huge fan of, but those sleeves! They're the best part!

Linking up with Meg who I can't wait to see in a few weeks!