Monday, October 28, 2013

Sometimes I'm Adventurous

There are times when I jump at the chance to do something a bit adventurous and I really enjoy it. Then there are times when I jump at those chances, then freak out half way through.

Example one: The Good
One of my best friends ever and I and her family all decided to go sky diving. Oh yeah, this will be choice she said. Well it was actually amazing! The plane ride up was the scariest part! Not to mention, being half strapped in dangling from the ledge of the plane while the instructor continued to strap me in. That part was freaking terrifying. But the actual jumping and flying part - no problemo! 

I would sky dive again in a heart beat!

Example two: The Bad
So I was up in Auckland a few months ago, and Simone and I were being tourists and decided to go up the Sky Tower. Oh yeah, this will be choice she said. I hate lifts. Like really really don't like them and I will go out of my way to not like them and use them. 

So up the Sky Tower we went, up the anxiety went. I did love it, once we were back on the ground though! 

I may probably never Sky Tower again. Don't get me wrong, the views were amazing! But I just didn't fancy it.

Example three: The Good (well kinda)
When I was I think 15 I went down to Invercargill to spend a few weeks with a good friend who had moved down there. We went up to Wanaka for a week of camping by the lake and whilst we were there, we had a brilliant idea of driving to Queenstown so I can go Bungy Jumping. 

I was buzzing and thought, Oh yeah, this will be choice! I'm jumping off a super high bridge and getting dunked in the water! Que the nervous farts, and the standing on the ledge. And we have one Nikki who didn't listen to the instructions properly, ended up with two swollen bruised eyes (I seriously looked a bit Chinese..) and the cartilage torn of some ribs. 

I'd love to say I loved it, but went into shock for the rest of that day and don't actually remember jumping. Luckily I have it on DVD! 

So I would definitely Bungy Jump again. But, would definitely not get dunked in the water again!

Example four: The Bad (and a little bit good)
So I went on a date that wasn't a date but it might have been a date but probably wasn't one. Basically I met him at the bottom of this colourful building...

.. and we caught the lift right up to the 39th floor. Shit I mean great! The lift ride wasn't too bad, it had a glass wall so I could see myself hurtling up above London at a speed I was less inclined to enjoy. Once we got up there the views were sooooo amazing that it washed away all the anxiety and I could enjoy myself. And after a few wines the ride down wasn't too bad! 


And there folks, I think I can safely say that I'm more 'into' being adventurous when there's more risk involved! 

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