Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

Joining the trouser brigade
I'm not a trouser wearer. Really. Until a couple of months ago the only pair of trousers I owned were a pair of jeans that I bought on a whim, just to say I had a pair. 3 pairs later, and I'm kinda loving it! As someone who has a small waist and big hips, it can make it difficult to find a pair that actually look good. Let me introduce you to a fantastic floral bonanza! 

couple of weeks ago I shared some of my recent graffiti favourites. I spotted this bad boy hidden in between some estates in Hackney last weekend! 

Snapping life
The tube stations are often super busy, so it was such a rare/spooky treat to be the only one on the platform on my way home from netball on Monday night! 

Latest Egg Moments
Like I said last week, there's always something with me. Like the other weekend when a friend and I were walking to our other friends house, she passed me the bag of chips, I had a few, went to lick the flavouring off my fingers, and realised that tiny moment too late that it wasn't a crumb on my finger, it was a little green bug. Well that went down a treat..... And then to trip over the door frame and continue to trip over my bike - well that resulted on a lovely bump and bruise on my foot! Well done Nikki, well done! 

The warrior wound
This weeks Turn-Up Song is....
Free by The Boxettes. They're an acapella group who are pretty freaking choice!

And it's only TWO WHOLE MONTHS until I come back to New Zealand for 2 weeks! CHOICE!

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Show and Tell - Crochet Creations!

Crocheting has this sense of satisfaction. I enjoy it more than knitting because I reckon the results are quicker. Knitting is still fun but I think it just takes ages to knit a scarf when crocheting one is a lot faster! 

I have a rule this year that my gifts I give are to be handmade and so far, so good! I found this super easy tutorial online to make crocheted flowers and it's been a huge success in my crocheting! 

I've made two necklaces, both slightly different, and my latest flower was made into a brooch. It's fun to pick and choose colours, make them two or three coloured flowers, I prefer three, and then turn them into something choice!

It was my Great Aunt's 90th birthday this week and I had no idea what to make her. She's 90, she has or had everything an old lady has! So I thought, a cute, handmade flower brooch was in order. Something small; something simple; something that had thought behind it; and as a bonus, it only cost me 90p to send to her! 

It was a perfect, quick project to use up those little bits of wool left over from other creations - you know that annoying amount when there's not enough to finish a row! Here's the finished product! 

My other recent creations, all gifted to some gorgeous people! 

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

Super cute felt slippers
I saw these in a Gill Wing shop near my work - aren't they choice?! Pity the price tag wasn't!

Opshop bargains
I snatched up this bad boy for £3! And it looks super choice with my mint green trousers!

Handmade gifts
I have a rule this year that the gifts I give are to be handmade. So far, so good, and we're already half way through May! I made Meghan this pretty choice scarf and this pretty choice necklace for her birthday; and I've just whipped up this wee crocheted flower broach for my Great Aunt's 90th birthday. Not the best pic, but you get the idea!

I wrote a post about my 'egg moments' a wee while ago. Here's my latest 'egg moment'. Last weekend I bought these shoes for £5 instead of £20! Win! I walked to work that day, and on the way they were rubbing a bit. I thought nothing of it and put it down to my shoes being new. I went out on my lunch break and got caught in the rain, which proceeded to make my shoes very soggy. I took them off in the staffroom when I got back, to find all this soggy, shredded cardboard all through my shoes. A second later, after putting two and two together - I hadn't taken the cardboard bits out from inside before I put them in. Well done Nikki - massive egg fail. 

Turn-up songs

If you say it fast enough, it sounds likes turnip songs, then you really get people confused!
This is my latest turn-up song. You know the kind, where as soon as you hear it, the volume goes beyond what it should be, the body starts it's bopping or other dance move of your choice, and it's the best 3-4 minutes of your day.

Lorde - Royals

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

Last week I was loving my trip to Glasgow for a long weekend.

This week I'm loving...

My birthday!
I'm managing to drag it out for the whole month which is awesome. It's nice to enjoy celebrating it this year! When I was in Glasgow I bought myself an Instakilt as a birthday treat! My lovely parents bought me a gorgeous floral cardi and a hilarious Morphsuit! Thanks team!

Thanks for all the love and special gifts I've received over the last week! It makes me feel really special!

Old signs
Whilst wandering around The Thames, I spotted some pretty choice signs on a building in Tooley St. This was my fav!

Brick Lane
It never fails to please with their awesome secret collections of art work! Here are some favourites I've spotted over the last few months.

My Mumma
I posted this pic on Facebook on Sunday for Mothers Day. My Mum is such a choice, hilarious, loving, smart, comforting, kind, wonderful lady, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better! Only two and a half months until I can see your real-life face again!! CANNOT WAIT!!

Spring is in full force over here in London. And by full force I mean that there might be billions of blossoms on trees but the weather is still playing havoc! Sun, rain, clouds, more sun, more rain, sun, wind, more wind, sun... you get the gist! 

The giveaway that hasn't happened yet!

I had this big plan to do a giveaway for my 200th post. I'm not giving any clues about what it'll be, but life is crazy hectic at the moment, and any spare minute I have I'm trying to nurture myself and give myself time to chill. It will happen. Just maybe not at the 200th post part! But yay! 200 posts! Who would've thought?!?!

So instead, you can have a picture of my deep fried Mars bar I had in Glasgow. Mmm mmmmmm!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday!

I was dared by Kelly from Kiwi Women's Style to wear my new mint green trousers for Wardrobe Wednesday this week. I'm not a huge trouser wearer at all. I only own three pairs (high waited jeans, the comfiest navy blue trousery things with an aztec print and gold ankle zips, and my green ones!), but seen as how these are still new and my favourites, and it's been a lot sunnier and warmer in London.... 

Challenge accepted.

Top: Zara, last season that got snatched up for a measly £5
Trousers: The be all and end all of my trouser strike. TK MAXX
Shoes: Last years summer leather sandals, from Office

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Unforgettable Trip - Glasgow

A couple of months ago, my cousin went to New Zealand for a short visit and returned with a little pottle of our Grandad's ashes for us to take up to Glasgow and 'take him home'. 

This special trip happened last weekend, where my two cousin's Martin and Dugald, Martin's girlfriend Laura and I, trekked it up to Glasgow in the car to embark on a pretty choice long weekend. 

Delicious haggis was consumed, Buckfast was drunk, long lost relatives were visited, and a bunch of fun was had by all. 

We went to a Rangers football game which was not only a treat but an awesome experience; especially the streamers getting thrown onto the field and watching the poor sideline guys hurry to pick them all up before the game started!!

My insane choice cousin Martin went for a wee dip in Loch Lomond, bearing in mind that it wasn't even 10 degrees!

We saw some sheep;

Visited the campsite where my Dad, his three older brothers and my Gran and Grandad used to go each summer;

Ate deep fried Mars bars - which were actually pretty choice!

Saw two of my Grandad Barr's sisters, one who is a spitting image of my Grandad and the other reminded me so much of my Uncle! 

Me, my Great Uncle Archie and my Great Aunt Mollie - May 2013
My Great Aunt Ina and Me - May 2013
And then we endured a horrifically long and hungover car ride home!