Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Unforgettable Trip - Glasgow

A couple of months ago, my cousin went to New Zealand for a short visit and returned with a little pottle of our Grandad's ashes for us to take up to Glasgow and 'take him home'. 

This special trip happened last weekend, where my two cousin's Martin and Dugald, Martin's girlfriend Laura and I, trekked it up to Glasgow in the car to embark on a pretty choice long weekend. 

Delicious haggis was consumed, Buckfast was drunk, long lost relatives were visited, and a bunch of fun was had by all. 

We went to a Rangers football game which was not only a treat but an awesome experience; especially the streamers getting thrown onto the field and watching the poor sideline guys hurry to pick them all up before the game started!!

My insane choice cousin Martin went for a wee dip in Loch Lomond, bearing in mind that it wasn't even 10 degrees!

We saw some sheep;

Visited the campsite where my Dad, his three older brothers and my Gran and Grandad used to go each summer;

Ate deep fried Mars bars - which were actually pretty choice!

Saw two of my Grandad Barr's sisters, one who is a spitting image of my Grandad and the other reminded me so much of my Uncle! 

Me, my Great Uncle Archie and my Great Aunt Mollie - May 2013
My Great Aunt Ina and Me - May 2013
And then we endured a horrifically long and hungover car ride home! 

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