Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

Joining the trouser brigade
I'm not a trouser wearer. Really. Until a couple of months ago the only pair of trousers I owned were a pair of jeans that I bought on a whim, just to say I had a pair. 3 pairs later, and I'm kinda loving it! As someone who has a small waist and big hips, it can make it difficult to find a pair that actually look good. Let me introduce you to a fantastic floral bonanza! 

couple of weeks ago I shared some of my recent graffiti favourites. I spotted this bad boy hidden in between some estates in Hackney last weekend! 

Snapping life
The tube stations are often super busy, so it was such a rare/spooky treat to be the only one on the platform on my way home from netball on Monday night! 

Latest Egg Moments
Like I said last week, there's always something with me. Like the other weekend when a friend and I were walking to our other friends house, she passed me the bag of chips, I had a few, went to lick the flavouring off my fingers, and realised that tiny moment too late that it wasn't a crumb on my finger, it was a little green bug. Well that went down a treat..... And then to trip over the door frame and continue to trip over my bike - well that resulted on a lovely bump and bruise on my foot! Well done Nikki, well done! 

The warrior wound
This weeks Turn-Up Song is....
Free by The Boxettes. They're an acapella group who are pretty freaking choice!

And it's only TWO WHOLE MONTHS until I come back to New Zealand for 2 weeks! CHOICE!

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