Thursday, May 23, 2013

Show and Tell - Crochet Creations!

Crocheting has this sense of satisfaction. I enjoy it more than knitting because I reckon the results are quicker. Knitting is still fun but I think it just takes ages to knit a scarf when crocheting one is a lot faster! 

I have a rule this year that my gifts I give are to be handmade and so far, so good! I found this super easy tutorial online to make crocheted flowers and it's been a huge success in my crocheting! 

I've made two necklaces, both slightly different, and my latest flower was made into a brooch. It's fun to pick and choose colours, make them two or three coloured flowers, I prefer three, and then turn them into something choice!

It was my Great Aunt's 90th birthday this week and I had no idea what to make her. She's 90, she has or had everything an old lady has! So I thought, a cute, handmade flower brooch was in order. Something small; something simple; something that had thought behind it; and as a bonus, it only cost me 90p to send to her! 

It was a perfect, quick project to use up those little bits of wool left over from other creations - you know that annoying amount when there's not enough to finish a row! Here's the finished product! 

My other recent creations, all gifted to some gorgeous people! 

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  1. gorgeous Nikki <3 you have inspired me to have a go!

  2. Wow Nikki - its all gorgeous!

  3. visiting from show and tell. Those cowls will come in handy with all the cold weather we are having in NZ