About Me!

Kiwi girl getting sucked in to the London life and loving every bit!

One would say I'm fun, loud and crazy with an interesting seal-crossed-with-seagull-laugh; another would say I am sporty and love being outdoors; others would say I love op-shopping and finding bargains, crafting and creating, playing music (the ukulele in particular), and going out for a good boogie!

In between travelling, teaching, doing my part in the photography world, and blogging, I love to dabble in a bit of netball, talk, laugh, meet new people and make new friends, catch up with family, and make the most of being in the UK.

I am the sister to two lovelies, daughter to two great parents, and adore my family with all my heart.

I over use the word 'choice' when it comes to something great. I make mistakes but they generally end up in hysterical laughter fits. I cry when watching TV ads, I laugh when someone falls over, I jump at loud noises, and I love butterflies and birds, especially Monarch butterflies and Robins.

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