Friday, December 14, 2012

Things I'm Loving

This week I'm loving....

A Previous Post
I wrote this post last weekend after an amazing experience. I love it, I think it's one of my favourite posts so far. Check it out!

It's been 5 years since my wonderful Granny passed away. I have a lifetime of memories, tucked away in a warm, special and safe place. And I love that I was able to celebrate our memories with my two cousins in London last night.

This is one of my all time favourite photos. My Granny and me.
Winter Wonderland
I popped along to Winter Wonderland last weekend and LOVED it! London is so awesome for things like this. I still get all excited after being so used to quiet old Wellington! And Meg, the whole time I was clicking away, I thought how choice you'd find it!

It's been mighty cold this week. Even colder than last week! I took a new photo which has been added to the list of my favourite photos of all time. 

Christmas Festivities
We had our kid's Christmas dinner at school on Thursday and as a tradition that my new school has, they all make and wear Christmas hats. I didn't realise the full force of what was classes as a hat, so I had to quickly whip up this puppy reindeer the night before. If I must say so myself, it is pretty choice.

Things I REALLY need 
I haven't got a Christmas tree and feel like I'm missing out big time on the whole decorations sector. Never fear guys, I bought a choice as sparkly reindeer. It doesn't fill the big longing gap of wanting more, but it's the start. And I think I can 'leave it up' all year round!

Time Management
It's the time of year where it's celebration after celebration; dinners, drinks, tea, catch-ups with friends and loved ones, and then all your time and brain power has been sucked up by the Christmas gods. So by the time I had thought about it, the deadline for international mail had been and gone, therefore no Christmas cards were sent back home. I used all the wiseness left in me, and came up with a solution, emailed it off to a bunch of people, and viola. The guilt had disappeared! 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I LOVE Christmas. I love the festivities, the crafting, the singing, the smells, the mulled wine and cider...

So what's better than Winter Wonderland? Not going there. 

Here are some snaps from my first ever visit (which was last Sunday)

A massive Ferris wheel accompanied by a massive tree
Loads of different rides and areas
A choice merry go round thing.
Crazy ride - love this photo
Ice skating rink
trying out the kids rides...
The North Pole where there were loads of different rooms you could walk through
Roller coasters
Ice Kingdom
The Ferris wheel that really confused me for the London Eye
It was HUGE! 
And right at the end we enjoyed some mulled wine in a festive cup!
In all fact, the photos aren't that Christmassy. But the atmosphere was buzzing!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big, warm, fuzzies.

Image source - my phone

To set the scene: We're in a packed out club in central London, dancing away like we do. People are being a bit pushy, and I'm just having a look around whilst dancing. The next thing I know, there is this very short, older man, who has Downs Syndrome, dancing his way over to us.

It was one of the most heart warming experiences I have ever had. He was so happy, a great big grin from ear to ear.
Unfortunately, you get eggs in places like this who like to poke and make fun of people less able than them. I stepped in to prevent this from happening, and me and my two friends started dancing again, this time, with Fred*. 

When I realised the intent of his gazes, Fred was trying to copy my dance moves. One might cringe at the thought of this, I can be rather uncoordinated let alone wild. Luckily 'I Believe in a thing called love' came on, which used to be a favourite dance-around-the-lounge-with-air-guitars tune. Out came those air guitars, and we played like we had never played before. 
If it was possible, Fred's smile just got bigger.

The song finished, and a man came over to us and was trying to coax Fred into going back with him. Fred went with this man, gave us a wee wave goodbye whilst clutching his beer for dear life. The man returned a second later, put his arm around me and said, "Thank you. Thank you so much. You've just made his night"

And with that, this experience goes to the top of the list of one of the best nights in my life. 

I find the way I react to or around people with learning difficulties or who are less able than myself, has changed so drastically, I even get shocked by it sometimes. Working with children who have multiple and complex learning difficulties, has completely opened up my world. In fact, it's rocked my world. 

I spend six and a half hours with my children a day, changing their worlds one tiny small step at a time, then they're out of my hands. This happens five days a week. What happens outside of school hours? What's going to happen when they're older? Is there any glimmer of being able to enjoy every-day things that are 'normal' for us? 

I find there's such a perception that people like Fred shouldn't be in a club, I can understand why, but he's a human too. Why can't he enjoy a beer and a boogie? 

Fred* - I didn't know his real name, but he suits being a Fred.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

My glow-in-the-dark gumboots got their first outing on Wednesday!

Well it's been mighty chilly in London this week. Please note: look at the real feels... they're the truth.


I walked into Tescos the other day, stopped, looked, looked again, then loaded up my basket.

I've had the best self-control ever know to Nikki man. So far, so good, with the whole sneakily opening my Christmas presents early. NONE have been opened. Yet.
My Mum had emailed me saying I can open one of mine early as it was a kids book. It is one of the coolest books! Highly recommend it and it even has a choice as C.D sung by the Topp Twins!! I read it to the kids at my work and they LOVED it!

After flicking a few emails back and forth between my Mum about the snow on Wednesday, she enlightened me on this interesting wee story. Priorities Mumma, priorities!

For a while I had seen more foxes than squirrels. That has since changed.

Snapping snaps
I love it when you're all like 'oh choice, check out that. That'll make a good photo' and then you look at what you've taken, and marvel in the beauty you've just snapped. It happened to me this afternoon, didn't even realise I had the reflection so perfect and everything!

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