Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

My glow-in-the-dark gumboots got their first outing on Wednesday!

Well it's been mighty chilly in London this week. Please note: look at the real feels... they're the truth.


I walked into Tescos the other day, stopped, looked, looked again, then loaded up my basket.

I've had the best self-control ever know to Nikki man. So far, so good, with the whole sneakily opening my Christmas presents early. NONE have been opened. Yet.
My Mum had emailed me saying I can open one of mine early as it was a kids book. It is one of the coolest books! Highly recommend it and it even has a choice as C.D sung by the Topp Twins!! I read it to the kids at my work and they LOVED it!

After flicking a few emails back and forth between my Mum about the snow on Wednesday, she enlightened me on this interesting wee story. Priorities Mumma, priorities!

For a while I had seen more foxes than squirrels. That has since changed.

Snapping snaps
I love it when you're all like 'oh choice, check out that. That'll make a good photo' and then you look at what you've taken, and marvel in the beauty you've just snapped. It happened to me this afternoon, didn't even realise I had the reflection so perfect and everything!

Linking up with one of the most Choicetastic people in my life.


  1. Once again a fantabulous list ms Nikki!! How choice are those Welly boots. Mark couldn't believe the price of the choc oranges. I think I just paid $6 for one for his stocking!!!!! Love that email from your ma too, hilarious! Xxoo meg

  2. Great reading and great pictures! How many choc oranges did you buy? XOX