Friday, December 14, 2012

Things I'm Loving

This week I'm loving....

A Previous Post
I wrote this post last weekend after an amazing experience. I love it, I think it's one of my favourite posts so far. Check it out!

It's been 5 years since my wonderful Granny passed away. I have a lifetime of memories, tucked away in a warm, special and safe place. And I love that I was able to celebrate our memories with my two cousins in London last night.

This is one of my all time favourite photos. My Granny and me.
Winter Wonderland
I popped along to Winter Wonderland last weekend and LOVED it! London is so awesome for things like this. I still get all excited after being so used to quiet old Wellington! And Meg, the whole time I was clicking away, I thought how choice you'd find it!

It's been mighty cold this week. Even colder than last week! I took a new photo which has been added to the list of my favourite photos of all time. 

Christmas Festivities
We had our kid's Christmas dinner at school on Thursday and as a tradition that my new school has, they all make and wear Christmas hats. I didn't realise the full force of what was classes as a hat, so I had to quickly whip up this puppy reindeer the night before. If I must say so myself, it is pretty choice.

Things I REALLY need 
I haven't got a Christmas tree and feel like I'm missing out big time on the whole decorations sector. Never fear guys, I bought a choice as sparkly reindeer. It doesn't fill the big longing gap of wanting more, but it's the start. And I think I can 'leave it up' all year round!

Time Management
It's the time of year where it's celebration after celebration; dinners, drinks, tea, catch-ups with friends and loved ones, and then all your time and brain power has been sucked up by the Christmas gods. So by the time I had thought about it, the deadline for international mail had been and gone, therefore no Christmas cards were sent back home. I used all the wiseness left in me, and came up with a solution, emailed it off to a bunch of people, and viola. The guilt had disappeared! 

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  1. Loved your cute Christmas e-card, just as cool as a card in the post! Loved your Winter Wonderland escapades and that fab experience you had out when clubbing, a great week all round for you Missy Clark xx
    p.s. Once again LMAO at your choice of words for the link up at the end :-)

  2. Love that icy leaf ...we can only imagine what a cold Christmas would be like from here in Australia. x