Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photographic Buzz - London Style!

I made a really cool 'joiner' photo of one of the school's corridors in my 7th form photography class which I used for my end of year portfolio. The teacher loved it, I loved it, and it helped me get an excellence! Here are some quick ones I've done over the last two days. Enjoy :)

p.s. the whole concept has been inspired from artist David Hockney. He does some pretty awesome stuff, check it out here

Shakespeare's Globe

The Tate Modern

On the River Thames

Buckingham Palace

St Pauls Cathedral


  1. These are well cool. I might have to have a go :-)

  2. Keep taking lots of photos! Love Buckingham palace, especially with the wee portico on the end! (Looks a bit like the buildings after the Christchurch earthquake, too...)