Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

 There are a few things I'm super loving at the moment 

First things first is that I graduated!! Yay me!! The non-academic of the family; the only one to complete 7th form; then mish it onto uni! Sooo stoked for myself! Despite people and friends saying they'd do my degree because it seemed too easy, it's actually not! It may not be as hard out as your one, and we are pretty wanted in our field of work, but it doesn't mean that we don't have to try! 

Without sounding like a creeper, I love people watching (ha, total freak!)! I just find people soo interesting! Just watching their facial expressions, hand gestures and body language really intrigues me. It totally confirms the fact that everyone is an individual. You guys should all try it. You've gotta be on the sly though, otherwise people will think you're a weirdo!! (I've had a few run ins in my time!)

I have a new obsession. For a while it was watching (and getting up to date with Australia) Home and Away - it is still a mild obsession! But I watched Skins the other week on tv, and have now nearly watched the whole of season 5 online! Oh the joys of being unemployed. I would like to blame my lack of packing and sorting out my life on that, but sadly I can't! Here is the link for those of you who may want to dabble in a little fun! 

I absolutely love and adore my wee cousins sooo much!! I was a nanny to two of them one day a week last year for pretty much the whole year. It was so much fun and we always had awesome awesome times! M is now 5 and at school, and C is 2.5 years old and just the cutest wee pumpkin ever! K is 5 months old and such a sweet wee babe! I'm totally going to miss them when I leave! 

I'm loving my special plans with a special family this weekend, even if it does end up being us hanging out! (you know who you are!!) It feels so nice as a teacher to have made such an impact on some people's lives! 

Life is pretty busy at the moment with sorting out my room, which is a total pig sty! I'm thinking I might leave it a bit messy so Mum and Dad have something to remember me by! It can be a shrine! But I love my parents so much! They have both taken the day off on Tuesday to have a NIKKI day! It's my last day here!! And Dad even said to make a pile of all my stuff and he'll pack it for me! Boom! Stoked! Love!

That is basically all my immediate loves for now! Apart from two more I just thought of. 1. I love to centre my blogs in the middle. I think it takes away the formalness of them! Having them on the left just reminds me of essays or boring things that I don't wanna read (unless they are really cool!) and having them on the right doesn't make sense! 2. I love wine and have probably had too much of it this week but I've been celebrating so it's ok right? 




  1. Congratulations on your degree, a degree is a degree, no matter what, it's much more than a piece of paper or what you learn, it's that you stuck at it. Love Posie

  2. Hahaha I'm such a people watcher - I so get that!!! Congrats on your degree!

  3. Haha - love reading your fun list. Congrats on your diploma!!

  4. Congrats on graduating!! A very special day, indeed...doesn't matter what your degree is it can be guaranteed that you worked your butt off for it and deserve a bit of a slap on the back.

  5. Well done, what a fab achievement. You look very at home in your mortar there... x

    PS - 'Hi!' x

  6. Ha ha Nikki my famous blogger friend look at all your comments! We're so looking forward to hanging out with ya too :-)