Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In an ideal world...

In an ideal world, I'd be able to go about everyday life without worrying what kinds of food I can and can't eat. For instance, not being able to eat dairy. But never fear, here's the positive. 

Despite me looking all weird in this photo, I managed to find some DELICIOUS soy yogurt here in little ol' London! The stuff back home is a bit rank, kinda makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up whilst you cringe as you swallow it. So I'm pretty stoked about finding this. And it was only £1.50 for 4 wee ones!

In an ideal world, I'd have lots of friends on London. Well I don't quite yet but I am working on that! I loved an afternoon out with Nat and Dave whom I met in Sydney a few years ago. They are from England and came and stayed with me for a bit in New Zealand so they were more than delighted to shout me lunch and take me sight seeing :D

In an ideal world, my family would be able to come over on this new leg of my life with me. However, I'm super excited for Mum and Dad's visit sometime next year. In the mean time, I just get to look at photos of my wonderful we babes who I'll miss watching growing up!

I nannied my cousins M on the left and C on the right for most of last year! K wasn't born yet!

In an ideal world, I would be handed a job on a silver platter with a big pay check stuck to the side of it. Sadly it may look like I won't get something full time until September so retail or bar work it is for a few months! I don't really mind, I'd quite like a flowing income, so however I go about getting that is fine! 
In an ideal world I'd be able to exercise and actually loose weight WITHOUT getting sore hips resulting in not being able to walk for the next day. Just watching what and how much I eat is all I can do at the moment to keep the rolls at bay.

I found this wonderful Dr Suess book on the shelf at my cousin's flat. It's called "Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?". It's one of those cool children's books that have a totally different meaning for adults when they read them! 

My favourite page goes like this...


  1. OOOOOH LA LA like the new header - is that the cellophane effect in Photoscape I spy?!

  2. It sure is!! With a little bit on antique 6 (or 7, I can't remember) thrown in! Kinda makes your eyes go a bit weird but it's cool!!

  3. I do like the Dr Suess book, I bet they have some other interesting books too???