Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I'm Lovin'!!

Note: The photos in this blog entry are ones of those whom I love dearly and miss incredibly. That's what I love about those people, is that there are these beautiful pictures (some not so beautiful) that I can look back on and be reassured that I will see them again! And they all (I think but one) link in with the thing that I'm loving! 

First things first, I'm adoring the eye candy I've seen these last few days! Some male creatures are beautiful! Especially the life guard at the pool today *drooooool* 

♥ I love that I've been back at work, even if it has only been two days this week! So good to get into the swing of things. I was even relieving in the head teacher role today :) Stoked! 

♥ I love my lack of concentration. Well, not really. It's linked in with my lack of direction and remembering-which-place-I-came-from. At least once a day I'll accidentally take a wrong turn and end up somewhere else! But it's fun. I get to see more of London that way...

♥ I still love Skype. 

♥ I love the giggles that escaped when I was working with a group of three boys today. One was from Oman, one was from Egypt and the other was Indian. We were making rocket ships out of lego and each time they said rocket shiP they'd pronounce it rocket shiT. My lack of maturity got the better of me! 

♥ I love what I think my new career direction might be. I've thought about since I was in second year at uni and went on a teaching placement. It was the first placement where I had worked with children who had learning difficulties. I got along really well with an autistic boy and since then my mind often wanders to the 'other side' of childcare. The one that isn't so 'main stream' and is classed with the word 'disability' in it's name. I absolutely hate that word. Disabled can mean so many different things. A child in a wheel chair, a child with autism, a child who is deaf, a child who has no hands. In my mind, I feel like it holds them back when they have this big label attached to them. Children can be autistic and still lead a life where they can accomplish things. People with Aspergers have difficulty in social situations, but it doesn't mean that they are 'disabled'. 
So rant over, I want to look into being a teacher for children with learning difficulties. I think back home they're called LSW (learning support worker) but I'd still wanna stay in early childhood. I wrote in a post a few days ago here about working alongside a boy who had two prosthetic legs, severe dribbling problems and had cerebal palsey. It's so incredibly rewarding and difficult at the same time but totally worth it. I loved every moment. 

♥ I feel so special haha and well done me for looking up google before consulting my blog consultant who's blog is here  haha taking the piss a bit? Yikes, I'll stop :D 

♥ Linking up with Paisley Jade's thing's I'm loving linky :) 



  1. Loving what you're loving...I love the 'blog consultant' bit - ha ha I wish! I certainly don't know it all but am just happy to know that any advice I've given has been useful! Looking forward to Skype too :-)

  2. Nice to see those familiar faces! =) and to hear about your new experiences. Technology these days is so amazing compared to how it was the last time we were in another country (20 years ago)- so easy to keep in touch =)

  3. haha - you clever you linking up!! Love the pics and things you are loving!!!