Thursday, June 9, 2011

This weeks turn-up songs.

On my way to a job this morning, which was about 40 mins away, I indulged in some radical song listening on my ipod. I haven't done this in ages normally due to the fact that I always forget it (and seem to always have my headphones which are NO help when there's nothing to plug them in to). 

Making the list this week are.......

Noah - Opshop

It just has a really good beat and you can't help but bop your head. My favourite part is "You couldn't listen through hearing, through your spirit like tapestry. He said fight fire with fire, even if you have to borrow sunlight" 

(it is a live version, the one off the album Second Hand Planet is amaze-look it up on groove shark or something!)

Soar - Christina Aguilera

An oldie but a goodie. I had a slight obsession with her when I was 14/15, as every teenage girl does. But this is still by far one of my favourite songs. I feel like it has meaning. 

Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers

This song came on by accident, meaning I had no idea it was on my ipod! Dont ya just love songs like that? But it's actually pretty cool. Well I just like the chorus bit :)

Good ol' Gin Wigmore.

Her voice is *insert really descriptive word here* Again, I love all her songs heaps! This one is...

These Roses 

And my BIGGEST all time girl crush (at the moment) is Florence from Florence and the Machine. I love all her songs so much! But my two favs are...

You've got the love

Between two lungs

And then all of her other ones because she's such a goddess. 

I just had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea (just a wee quote from the movie Parent Trap!) I should make this into a linky then other people can join in! And by other people I mean Meghan because she's the only one out of my followers who actually blogs! Love ya! 


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