Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

♥ Loving the Peter Pan statue at Kensington Gardens, photos are here

 Loving this gorgeous card from Meghan - thanks! 
I love and appreciate it more than you'll ever know! x

♥ Loving these photos. Also loving the photo book voucher that I ordered online! Can't wait to sort through my photos to make one! 

♥ Loving my bike ride with my cousin. We got caught in the rain, thunder and lightning, rode down Regents Canal, hired Barclays Bikes, I managed to hit the wing mirror of a car and knock it backwards as I tried to squeeze through the gap (anyone who's been on the Barclays Bikes aka Borris Bikes, will know that they are heavy and the handle bars are rather wide!) and had delicious Mexican food from Camden Market! 

I'm loving the fact that I did a lot of exercise on Tuesday and it reminded me of how I need to get back into it! Despite having bad hips, I can't actually afford to put on any weight due to PCOS. I got told that if I do I can get diabetes and my symptoms will increase loads! I want the body I had in when I was 15!

♥ Speaking of back in the day when I was 15 - I discovered my old Bebo account! What a laugh it is to look back and see what I written about myself and what people had said to/about me! You can view some of that humour here

♥ Loving the movie Bridesmaids! Highly recommend it! So so sooooo hilarious! 

♥ Loving the new TV series Angry Boys. It's by Chris Lilley who did Summer Heights High. It's sooo funny! Here's a little teaser :) 

♥ Loving this song, I heard the original on the radio this evening, and it totally made me think of this! SO cute!

♥ Speaking of cute kids, I was at a school the other day filling in time before the end of the day with some songs. This little 3 year old boy came up and said "I want to sing the lion in the jungle song!". So I said "Yeah of course, go ahead!" He started singing it, and by the end I had tears in my eyes. He was the cutest little thing, got half of the words wrong, had the most precious actions, and was so so sooo proud of himself! It was this song but with a lion. Makes me love my job even more! 

♥ And finally, I'm loving Eliza Doolittle. She's right up there with Florence and the Machine.
You can dabble in a wee piece of her glory right here! 

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  1. Loving your loving! Yay for the card arriving, glad you liked it! Yay for getting out on a bike, what a great way to explore London! Glad you are coming across some lovely wee kiddies must bring a happy ray of sunshine into your days! Love ya babe xx

  2. Great post - I LOVE that card!

    And someone has to tell me how to do the heart things - very cute :)

  3. That card is so cute (go Meghan!). Thanks so much for joining in!!

  4. p.s. Eliza Dolittle totally reminds me of you!