Friday, June 24, 2011

A month to remember...

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.        Helen Keller"

It started off like this...

One girl; One one-way ticket; One world waiting for her with arms open so wide the possibilities are endless.

The Tate Modern; The Mall; Buckingham Palace; Camden Town; Kensington; Tower Bridge; West End; Natural History Museum; National Science Museum; V & A.

Limited friends; limited work; life is one big adventure full of beauty.

Being away has made me see the magic and wonder that life has to offer from the lens of fresh eyes.

The opportunities are endless; 

Despite missing my family and dearest friends, I'm totally loving life over on the other side of the world! But I would in a heart beat have those I love over by my side! 
So for now I can look at the moon, and know that they are seeing the same moon. I can wonder as I gaze at the clouds, knowing that they will never ever be the same shape as the ones in New Zealand, but I can hope, that one day they might.