Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I'm Lovin'!

Things I'm Lovin' 

Check out my mid week lovin  :)

The rest are photographs I took on my trip to...

London Zoo 

Through the looking glass. 

My day on Wednesday through my looking glass.

Love the bubbles trailing behind Mr Penguin!
Don't they look so happy?

There was a butterfly enclosure thingy, and boy was that amazing!
There's something really special about butterflies that I love. Their beauty is portrayed so perfectly and they are really just precious insects. Their whole journey through life is so incredible and nothing can top that. Here's more evidence of my latest obsession-this.

This butterfly was the size of my hand! 




A few pictures of your Mum... Ha ha!

Cutey cutey meerkats. Notice the one top left was actually 'playing dead'!

Otters. They also make me happy :)

The quality of some of these photos have gone crud in photoscape...not sure how to not let that happen...but when they're big through picasa, they look fab!

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  1. I just love your pics! Zoo's are so awesome. xoxo

  2. the penguins and Dory are my favs =)

  3. love it pickles! looks like you are having an amazing time! xx

  4. Yep those butterflies rock! And also love the bubbly penguin shot :-)

    Re Photoscape, when you create the collage, over on the right hand side you've got the size area, click on the little mushroom looking thing - I always increase the size of my collages to the max (i.e. 300%) and that means it should keep the original quality of the individual pics. Hopefully another helpful tip from your favourite blog consultant xxxx

  5. Beautiful shots! I love the meerkat that's 'playing dead'! :)