Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally have had my first day of work!!

After not having worked for the last three weeks, I was starting to get itchy feet and every time I saw a cute kid my heart would melt. So this morning I manned up and rung the agency at 7am. They said they'd ring if anything came up, so I was waiting and waiting. By 8.20am I thought my hopes were not going to be hopes until RING RING! Boom, got work for the day. Little did I know however that this place took an hour to get to, two tube rides and a bus plus a little bit of walking. I got lost twice and had to ring the agency twice to get directions (because no one will let me buy a fancy phone that has google maps on it! GRRR but I'll expand on that later! And I'm still not the best map reader and couldn't find the street on the map - there Dad, I admitted it!)

Overall the day was awesome. The centre was soooo wonderful, it's what we've been trying to make my old centre (Leeds St) like for months! All the separate areas were partitioned off nicely and lots of wooden things and tonnes of natural things like dried wood blocks for the block area and the kids were all growing their own vegetables! And they had super cool bikes that I know some certain children would LOVE! 

How ever, being a relieving teacher has it's downsides. You get the shitty breaks, have to do the boring tidying up jobs and my least favourite - the children have no idea who you are so they just either treat you like a child with no respect or they love you instantly. There was a lot of lovin' and a few hatin' kids. Two in particular, one who thought it'd be funny to run up and punch me in the face then run off laughing and the other who wouldn't listen when I was telling her to stop hitting and yelling at her friends so she turned around and kicked my shins (bloody hard too!) and punched me in the ol' belly

There were two favourite parts of my day. One was hanging out a lot with a boy who has cerebal palsey, two prosthetic legs and bad dribbling problems, but boy was he the most fantastic kid I've met in a looonnnggg time! He was soooo happy, and wanted to do everything. He had a zimmer frame type thingy and that made his life so much more easier and accessible. By the end of the day he was saying to me "Nikki, baby, pram" pointing to the baby inside and the pram outside, hinting for me to assist him whilst walking to get the goods, then after he walked over to the chair and wanted us to sit down in the sun! Bless his mighty heart!

I forgot to add what they had for their equivalent of 'late snack'. I would get a warning if I even suggested this! They had spaghetti hoops, hash browns and juice. What the? I was so gob smacked! Didn't appreciate that meal time at all! And the children's manners were extremely bad and it was weird not singing a karakia! 

The second thing was that I got to wear my new shoes and they were devine! Lovey love them! And they were only £6.99! Bargain! 

There is also a third thing. Because I forgot to pack lunch I went to this weird "supermarket" thingy that had heaps of fresh meat and fish and fruit and veges. So I bought a container of olives soaked in brine and lemon juice stuff. They were amazing. In the photo, that's about half of what was there. I didn't mean to buy so much or eat that many but it just happened and now I'm full of olives. Yikes!

Love xx


  1. Loved your post. Loved that you loved work and that you managed to even get there!!!! Negotiating the public transport is not for the faint hearted that's for sure...interesting the comparison with NZ and England daycare operations - especially the kids bad manners and being with rough with you - what's with that? But the story about the little boy with cerebal palsy brought tears to my eyes - so lovely.

  2. Good one Nikki! every day is a learning curve at the moment, just think what you could have acheived if you were there a bit longer - you would have got those badly behaved kids into much better shape! It will be interesting to see what your next assignment is... keep up the good work with the shopping too - ha ha!!

  3. bloody kids!!! sounds like you had a good adventure!!

  4. thats weird - it says i commented at 2.20am, but its actually 9.20pm here