Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid week lovin'

Yesterday morning I woke up to an email on facebook. It was from my cousin Soph back home in Wellington. 
This was a super special email and made me smile from ear to ear all day.
Here's why :)

"just been reading up on your blog. You are actually such an inspiration- your happiness is contagious! I love you to Pluto and back my sugar, so glad you are having lots of amazing experiences around London!"

I love you to Pluto and back my Soph! 

My favourite photo of us two in Napier, summer 2009 xx
There's no denying that I am missing home! But I have purchased an array of post cards to send to the family around England and Scotland telling them they may have a visitor soon! I can't wait to meet all these people I've spent my whole life hearing about. 

Some might even make their way over to New Zealand... Who knows?? p.s they were 15 for £1! Bargain!
After getting cold feet, I found these hilair slips in Primark. It's my new fav shop. Things are stupidly cheap there, it's redonkulus!

And I also bought some super cute wee boots. I was deciding out of two pairs, and got convinced that the more practical ones would be better. I do still want the other ones but these are so nice! They're my wet weather shoes as I was having to resort to wearing jandals out in the rain! And you can turn the cuffs over so you can see the inside pattern too if you like!

Yes, I did lie on my back with my feet up in the air to take these photos... so what? It's all about composition :)

This dress is what I wore to my job interview today so that'd they'd remember me for my colour and say "Oh yeah that girl with the bright floral dress on was the best one" instead of "Can you remember who that really awesome girl was that we want to hire?"

And then there is one last photo. Of my new fav top that I got from H&M! It's so super cool!

I just found that Primark use child slave labour and pay startvation wages - 7p an hour!!-to their workers. It's not my favourite shop anymore. 


  1. Love the slippers - can you get some for me pleeease???

  2. Loving the boots. They are so funky! Also the cool pics of your slippers. Boo for primark I didn't know :-/ fingers crossed for the interview think the dress was a great choice!! xx