Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happiness - Revisited

After flicking through some old blog posts, I came across this one. It's nice to reflect on what made me happy in July last year, with some slight edits. A lot has changed, but the remainder still makes that warm place sparkle.

It's a lot of different things, for a lot of different people.

It's those little things that put a smile on your dial.

Like a really fat squirrel

The light in a sun set

Standing on top of a massive snow ball

Putting vegetables on your head

Receiving a card from someone very special and close to your heart

Being in London and capturing awesome things like this replica of the Stone Henge made out of cars

Holding a rabbit, and wearing festive pjs, and being in France.

And with that, I shall leave you with a final picture. One of my all time favourites. 

All photos were taken by me, therefore I own them, therefore please don't knick them. Thanks.

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