Friday, January 18, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

There's lots of loving this week!!

Touch screen gloves
These puppies have come in so handy the last few days! Makes taking photos of the snow so much easier! Thanks Primark!

Christmas presents
I've been making the most of my delicious chocolate lip gloss that my dear friend Meg made me for Christmas!

And speaking of Meg and Christmas gifts, I used my choice Typo stamps today! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'd have seen I've been pretty excited about the snow we've just had. So what better way to display how I think and feel about it....

It snowed today! ALL DAY! Oh boy, did we have one excited Nikki! I was  the first class out in the snow this morning! I got to go home a bit earlier because of it, and the snowflakes had gotten so much bigger that you could actually see the whole shape. It was beautiful.

I really enjoy this photo. Despite how cold it was, it makes me warm and happy inside
Outside my school at lunch time
My little street - my house is the second white wall!
Look how much had settled! 

A lovely summary of it all.
I've been playing the uke a bit this week and downloaded some choice songs to play. What I love about the ukulele, is that I've found it sooo easy to play and learn (being able to play the piano and guitar might've helped) and can master a song on the second time playing it. Usually. Here's my latest downloads. 

Fruit bowls
The pound for a £1 man down the road is a great bargain. You get a pound of fruit for £1. Pretty self-explanatory. So this week I had some super fruit eating to do!

Morning sky
I'm a sucker for a sunset or sunrise. Or just a beautiful sky. I love this shot I took during the week.

And now I'll leave you with this
I wish I had a cat in London so I could do this.

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  1. Super cool snow photos - there is something magical about being in the snow, especially when it is falling all around you - enjoy it while it lasts =)<3 <3

  2. That snow IS Totes Amazeballs! Love those gloves what a great idea! Glad you're enjoying the lippy, I'm still in awe of that fruit shot, it looks like some amazing still life portrait. Enjoy a weekend of snowflakes. Go catch one on ya tongue for me will ya!

  3. I love London in the snow - hope you're keeping warm! That cat picture made me laugh and laugh and laugh - thank you!!

  4. I can't believe I only just found your blog! Haha!
    Love the snow!!! And I might have to do that to my cat :)