Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - What a year!

Last year I wrote this post with a few goals in mind. I did indeed move house, go back to New Zealand for 6 weeks, joined the gym and read more books! 

This year has been filled with...

SNOW!! In January and February it snowed like it was nobody's business! So much fun to be had! 

February was moving month for me, therefore no internet for nearly a month! However, there was a repost of a favourite post from the year before, some reminiscing with a post for my Mumma's birthday and how much my sisters mean to me

March was a busy month with a wedding filled with hilarious antics and making homemade icecream with my kiddies at work

May was birthday month for me and celebrating 200 posts!!!! (sorry about the lack of giveaways I had planned, instead you got a pic of my deep fried mars bar - win!), having another egg moment, and one of the best trips up to Glasgow

June was a month of loving's; counting down the days until I went back home, more egg moments with the ol' blind incidentgetting up in Spring's grill and joining in with the grateful project

July I sadly said goodbye to a great friend who moved back to New Zealand, I MADE IT BACK HOME, and started to really appreciate what I had left behind

I was still in New Zealand for most of August with a fun filled month! I went up to Auckland for the first time and got to meet the lovely Simoney and Cat IRL!!! I wrote a post about my beloved Blue Rabbit who is now back in London with me, I spent loads of time with one of my favourite people in the whole entire world and her family! And then I had the dreaded goodbye on my venture back to London.

September I was back into the new school year ready for the fun and challenges of my second year working with deaf kids, lemons were thrown but gratefulness was seeked out, goals were made to do something 'Londony' each month, and I became gluten free! (ha, I totally feel like that part on Pitch Perfect where she's all like..."guys... I have nodes...")

October was a bit of a dry spell with a lot going on, but I was able to find some loving's and love on the amazing friendship I've made with a special lady - so special I think that's the third time in this post.... yikes!

November made me fall in love with Call the Midwife, reflect on my life in London and love on more friendships, and made my lazy ass get around to summing up our trip to Budapest!

Finally, with December nearly at a close, and only two posts that I've squeezed out of myself (3 including this bad boy!), my favourite from this month has got to be Dinovember. And this song - happy by pharrell williams!

Thanks for sticking in there with this looonnnngggg post and my year of irregular blogging! 

I'm looking forward to a brighter and better 2014! Happy new years chicas!!


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