Saturday, February 15, 2014

Things I'm Loving - Latest Lovings

Oh hey there, poor neglected blog!

As per, I have a list as long as my body if reasons and excuses as to where I've been, what's been happening, the lack of committing to my blog - but no one really cares enough for those! So here's my latest lovings!

Maths exams
I've just started the long painful and hard process of work in order to get my QTS (qualified teacher status - basically being a registered teacher in the UK). First up was sitting my GSCE maths exam. I'm not a maths person, it was my weakest subject at school, so this was a rather daunting exam to sit. With the help and support of some close friends and work colleagues, I managed to get 83% in the exam!

And if that wasn't awesome enough, my school made me a giant low key certificate which I was presented with at our whole school assembly! It was slightly embarrassing, however, I'm so glad and happy that I work in a school who appreciates me and the hard work I put into my job.

Safari Pete
We had this choice as man come into work called Safari Pete. He brings an awesome collection of animals with him, for the kids and teachers to hold, and chats a bit about where they come from etc. I was lucky enough to get to hold a baby crocodile!

New shoes!
I love shoes! Especially these fun shiny coloured ones! I think if I was a shoe, it'd be something along the lines of these ones!

And these boots are my new favs as well! My lovely friend Julia has the same pair, so we're totes matching now!

There's a lovely little coffee place in a Tescos that I pass on my way to work and they do the best flat whites! I feel super cool as well because they know my name and order now!

Care packages
I've had an insane migraine for two weeks now, the first week was awful! I've never had one last this long before or been this bad! So it was such a lovely surprise to get this wee package from my Mumma the other day!

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  1. OMG - you touched a baby crocodile - that's insane!! Those boots (suede ones) look awesome - need a side on view though! And yes a very apt description of you being colourful and larger than life like those pink and blue boots - but honestly I think they also need a bit of glitter too because you sparkle and light up a room my dear xx