Friday, February 21, 2014

Things I'm Loving - The Half Term edition!

This last week I've been on half term. It's been a glorious week off; I had intended to have lots of 'couch' days as I'm soooo freaking poor until payday. However, this didn't actually work out as I had planned! 

A friend and I popped along to the Photographers' Gallery to check out their latest exhibition. We saw some awesome photos from David Lynch, Andy Warhol and William S. Burroughs. At a £4 entry fee, it was a pretty good deal to see some awesome artists. It brought back memories of using Andy Warhol as an artist model when I was doing 7th form photography at school! 

Andy Warhol
David Lynch
The plan of all plans
A group of us from work had decided that it'd be fun to go to the London Dungeons during half term with some 2 for 1 vouchers we had. This didn't end up happening after discovering that it was going to be over a 2 hour wait in line! So we decided to explore London instead! With 2 Kiwis, 1 Ozzie, a Canadian and an Englishman, we were all set to have loads of fun! 

We started off with attempting a selfie beside Big Ben - SUCCESS! 

Cue the awkward photo bomb by Westminster Bridge...

We walked up past Downing St, past the horse guards - where the horse scared surprised us all with attempting to get into my bag! - carried on down The Strand, The Mall, meandered our way to The National Gallery to get a glimpse of Van Gogh's two Sunflower paintings, which are together for the first time in London in 65 years! 

We popped into the National Portrait Gallery to sneak in a cocktail in their restaurant up on the 4th flour, which also had amazing views of London! We went through to Trafalgar Square, Leicster Square, China Town, and ended up in Soho at the Tucan Pub where the wine started flowing all very nicely! 

The Toucan pub's Guinness bar stools were ever so fun and ever so heavy! We headed to the Maple Leaf, a Canadian pub, to watch the hockey, then stumbled to a few more pubs before heading home at 11! 

This has got to be one of my favourite photos of the day - simply because these lions aren't the easiest thing to climb onto! Cue most of Trafalgar Square getting a loving view of my pants as I was pushed up onto the lions, and then as soon as we were both up we were told to get down.. booo! 

It was probably one of the best days I've had in London! I'm actually the 'worst Londoner' who lacks in a sense of direction, knowing where places are, but it was the perfect day to pretend I knew things, explore a city which has become my second home, and spend time with some awesomely crazy cats!

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  1. You sure did some cool touristy stuff - such memories of our time in London too - we so loved hanging out with you!!!!! I'm glad you got out and about - a bit of sunshine and laughter is good for the soul hey xx

  2. That looks like a very cool day....thanks for showing us around a little. x