Monday, April 1, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

Despite having to use my old laptop which is not only half the size of my new one, it's also the SLOWEST thing on Earth, typing at around three words every five seconds, and taking a bajillion light years to load a page. My new laptop has decided to crap itself, and my phone is on the way out too. Not to mention our washing machine has been broken for about a month now. I love technology...

So without further ado, this week I'm loving...

Loving the light behind this tower (which probably is really important) in Trafalgar Square.

Dinner Catchups
Last week I met up with some girls who I used to work with last year and we went to this lush Italian restaurant called Zizzi. I got a somewhat delicious pizza, added extra goats cheese because you need cheese on a pizza, ate it all up for under 550 calories!

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
Now these are definitely one for the win. Apart from when you play Bertie Bott roulette and end up with some disgusting flavours! I got earthworm, vomit, earwax, dirt, watermelon, marshmellow, banana, and the worst one - rotton egg. I have a very strong stomach, but this made me heave!

Scotch Eggs
I had my first one when my parents were over in London for a holiday last year. There's something wildly weird about them, but something deliciously intriguing that makes you want to eat more! Verdict - choice.

Easter treats
Being a teacher comes in handy; you become the master at cooking simple things like these Easter nests. However, I am not the master, but these are pretty fail safe! My two flatmates and I were all in London this Easter family-less, so I whipped these up as a wee treat!

I now present to you, my very own, Coffee Coco Pop Dark Chocolate nests with malteasers on top!

Sacred Cafe
After being away from home for nearly 2 years (yikes!) I do start to miss little things about it. Generally it's the cravings for a favourite food or drink, and then of course the cravings to see my friends and family! But Sacred Cafe in Carnaby St hits the spot! I popped in to get an L & P, and not only did I pay extortionate money for it, I came out with this hilarious photo too!


I BOOKED MY FLIGHTS HOME FOR A 5 WEEK HOLIDAY!!!!! Holy smokes was it a nerve racking time! Not only being £1300 poorer, but just the thought of going back home for 5 whole weeks!? SOOOO CHOICE!!! I'll be back in Wellington on the 24th of July and leaving Wellington on the 29th of August!!!

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  1. Wow you have some interesting foodie experiences there...not sure about your flavoured jelly beans though. x