Sunday, March 24, 2013

The weekends of weekends

Adventure number 1 - 

Who forgets the wedding invitation and has to call their neighbour back in London who thankfully has a spare key, to get the address for us? Me and Rach, that's who. The adventures continue...

After sorting this small dilemma out, laughing because that's all we could do, we continued getting ready...

Adventure number 2 - 

a mysterious taxi appears under my name, knowing where we're going. Which is choice cos we didn't! 

this really added more icing to the cake. It still remains a mystery as to how this taxi was booked!

Adventure number 3

It had been snowing all day in London, but the annoying kind that doesn't settle. A little further away, it had really settled, making for a very handy wine cooler.

Adventure number 4 & 5

Tricking as many people as we can into thinking we flew over from NZ especially for the day. And teaching the groom's mum how to dance to call me maybe!

Gotta love a little bit of fun hey!?

Adventure number 6

Waking up the next morning to loads of snow and amusing ourselves whilst waiting for the taxi.

being hungover and shaking a snow covered tree, forgetting it'll go EVERYWHERE!

We made it back to London in one hungover piece, watched Finding Nemo and relaxed!! 

And my favourite photo from the weekend is of these little daffodils struggling to stand tall!