Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homemade Ice cream

I first made this a couple of years ago back in Wellington at the preschool I used to work at. I was given a lot of space to be creative and try new things out, and it was something I had been wanting to do for ages!
I made it today with my little kiddies at my school in London, and wowed not only them, but my T.A's too!
It's pretty simple. This is the right amount of ingredients to have for your first go, it doesn't make loads, but once you've mastered the technique (which doesn't take much mastering, coming from me who's one of the world's worst cooks!) you can increase the amount to suit the bellies you need to fill!
All you need is...
-A smallish sized zip lock or resealable plastic bag, which will contain the following...
-1/2 a cup of milk - works perfectly with soya milk or normal milk, and this amount can later be increased if needed
-1 tablespoon of sugar
-Some vanilla essence - not loads, but enough to flavour it. I've used in the past Milo and peppermint essence too!
-A mediumish sized zip lock or resealable plastic bag which will contain...
-6 tablespoons of salt - the cheap no-brand salt does the trick, it doesn't have to be rock salt or anything fancy
-And some ice cubes. I'd say put in maybe 3-4 cups of ice, even 5 if you want. I always just guess!
Put all the 'small bag' ingredients in together and seal it tight!!!! Then put the ice and salt together in the 'medium bag'. Chuck the small bag into the medium bag, seal the medium bag, then get your shake on!
You'll need to shake it for maybe 3-5 minutes. It's great when doing it with kids because you can pass the bag around and your hands don't freeze off! You'll be able to see the liquid starting to solidify so you can kind of guess when it'll be ready.
And the voila! There you have it! You're very own, homemade, hassle free, nearly mess free, ice cream!
The consistency is a bit like that first scoop of ice cream out of a new container once it's been opened. It's soft, sweet, and delicious!
Fact: The reason it can freeze like that is because of the reaction of the salt and the ice. The salt makes the ice super cold and whilst it's being shaken around it's able to start to freeze the liquid.
Another fact: If you have super sensitive hands like myself, you might want to shake it inside a tea towel or put gloves on. I got some lovely ice burns on my hands today!

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  1. Ah I so want to give this a go! Perhaps you can do this with my two when you come back to NZ :-)