Friday, March 8, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

In between all the business of the past week, I've been loving...

New Outfits
The dungaree dress was a choice score for £1 from eBay. The duck top was another choice score from an Oxfam opshop on Holloway Rd for £2.99. And those gold disco pants, yes, I did buy them, they were a super choice score off for £10.

Beer and Cider festivals
I love a bit of cider. Well, maybe a lot of cider, so this festival was right up my alley! There's something not-so-intriguing about having a beer that tastes like elderflower mixed with lemonade vs a beer that tastes like cat litter. After that, we stuck to the ciders!

I absolutely LOVE Skype! Last week I had a 2 hour conversation with my parents in Wellington and my sister in Darwin. Ya, I didn't know you could three way Skype either! Four people in three countries talking to each other at the same time via the same conversation, BRILL!

I've been cycling to work most days now. I'm a lot more confident on my bike, now that I wear a helmet and know the route so don't have to faff around with wondering where to go. I did however see a guy get knocked off his bike during the week about five seconds before I was about to get on mine, so it's made me extra weary, but I still love my bike all the same!

I started my job (working with deaf children) in September knowing no sign language. It's quite awesome how fast I've been picking up different signs, whether it be in BSL (British Sign Language) or Makaton. I can now sign my first song, the alphabet, a range of different fruit, emotions, swear words (ha!), and commands. Plus some other random stuff!

The Sun
I was outside the other day enjoying the sun and took this photo. I love how it looks like a one eyed monster with big pink lips!

This Song
I'm a music lover, and it's part of my everyday life. This girl, Lucy Spraggan, was on X Factor last year, I think she came 5th or something, I didn't watch it, but she's amazing!!! My favourite song is this one called Tea and Toast. It's a little bit sad, but such a beautiful song!

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  1. Hello fellow blogger, looks like you need to show me a few tips to spruce up my blog x

  2. Your gold pants are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. And you rock them!

    1. Except I look like a massive fatty! X