Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Shoe Edition!

A couple of weeks ago on Things I'm Loving, I put a whole lot of photos from my view from the top obsession! 

A lot of them feature the same shoes, which are my favourites, so here are the deets of the bad boys!!

Red faux suede ankle shoes
Deichmann - £15
These are money well spent. With a shop crossed between Number 1 Shoe Warehouse and Hannah's in terms of value, these have lasted me all winter, with a lot of wearing still to do! 

Ox Blood Brogues
These were more on the 'expensive' side in terms of my shoe budget. £50 from Clarks. Real leather, good sole and so cushiony and comfy. Probs the best investment I've made here!

Purple Pocahontas Moccasins
By far an absolute fave!!! These puppies were from Asos on sale for £10. I bought them with refund money from a return and I've never looked back! They're for select wear now, as the heals have worn down, but still super cute!!

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  1. I love your quirky shoes Nikki. It's been awhile since I browsed Deichman... I feel some online shopping coming on! Thanks for sharing with WW xo