Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bacon, my one true love.

I started to write a post on some of my favourite things. 

Bacon was on the top of my list. And I feel like my life is now complete in a bacon-life-saving kinda way, after finding this website

It's so unnecessary, yet so necessary. 

Read it and weep.

Why not send all your favourite bacon recipes in these handy envelopes?

As the caption on the website says. "It's where I store my money when I bring home the bacon"


The trickery involved in these, is just plain ol' fantastic.

This is a bit weird. But look how glistening the fake bacon is...*salivation*

This one is all like "Ohhh, look at my belt. It doesn't look like bacon, but it's a subtle way of showing how much of a die-hard fan of you I am" 

Oh sweet mother! 

"Well the bacon has to come out somewhere..."

Right, I'm off to dream about bacon. 

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